I'm actually not a big fan of lemons

I'm not really a big fan of lemons. I don't want them anywhere near my tea. (In fact, I'm not a big fan of citrus in general.) I like lemonade though. I loved the lemon creme Oreos I bought a few weeks ago. 

So, if my lemon tree makes a whole lot of lemons, I really don't know what I'll do with them all. 

About right now, you're thinking I have gone off the deep in with my rambling. I very well may have.

Anyway... my mom grows flowers. My dad tries tomatoes. I decide to try to do fruit that may someday produce more than a flower that wilts.

Pineapples (I have at least 10 plants going right now), peaches (the squirrel may be picking them all off though), plums (neither tree has seen fruit yet), avocados (it will probably be 7 years before I see any) and now lemons. 

Like the lemon bucket I painted though? I have a strawberry one up for sale that you can plant strawberries in!