Another thought for another time

I've been noodling over a blog post for a while now and was thinking I'd write about it this weekend. Yeah, right. We have had events for four weekends in a row, and I wasn't as productive during the week as I should have been at night, so it's all about getting stuff done this weekend. One weekend off before another three in a row, off at Christmas and three in the next two weeks.

One day this past week, we were notified that we were drawn from the "lottery" for another event everyone asks us if we will be a part of. If you tell them no, for any reason, when your name is drawn, you don't get another chance. So, we're going to see how it turns out. I'm dragging Angie along with me while leaving Mom and Dad in Corsicana on December 2. That means we need enough merchandise for two booths to not look thin. We have even more work to do!

Did I mention I also have a business trip to Nashville coming up?