All around our Cypress booth

One of the things I dream about is booth set-up. Sometimes my dreams are about actual places we set up our booths and some are dreams about places we'll never actually do. 

I dream and plot and plan when something is different one week from another. For example, this weekend we were not only on an end, but were open to an aisle on the back of our booth too. So, we had three open sides. We have certain set-ups when we are on the end vs. in between other booths to take advantage of both sides of our displays whenever possible. Instead of highlighting the sports balls when the customers came in, we wanted the farm animals showing because it was an FFA show. 

I've had some people asking in my Facebook vendor groups about my booth set up and photos, but I haven't really taken any this year. I took several this weekend, but it's hard to put together how the whole thing was arranged.

These panels are are largest displays and we usually have sports on both sides whenever possible. These are a big seller for us, so we try to get as much variety out as possible. I'm always trying to figure out how to get the most on there that I can. There are times when we aren't on an end that this separates our booth in half so we can use both sides. Now, whenever we can, we put it at an end so that we can have a more open booth and not tell people to go around to the other side to pay or explain both sides are our booth.
This lattice was our ball wall until mid-last fall when we got the bigger one. We've brought it back out on the road to be able to hang canvases and other things on. It also gives us room to put some things on the floor underneath. 
I try to start off with this full of canvases, but as they start to sell other things end up on the wall throughout the day. 
It's hard to see what all is going on here. There's Christmas horseshoe decorations, the back of our "jewelry holder" display, our table of plaques misc signs and big decorations hanging from the tent. Mom put that stocking in the right place this time because it sold! I made it out of leftover yarn in those colors, and I thought I would be stuck with it. 
Here in town we have a store called Corsicana Salvage. They buy trucks of unclaimed merchandise and sell it. You never know what they are going to get. Their shipment of MDF plaques and circles sent us down the road of the sports signs and some of our plaques. One day we were in there and they had this IV poles. I had this idea to hang signs from them. Dad worked with my uncle to modify them and add an extra level of hooks. Those two IV poles were the best things we've gotten for our displays. One of them is on the other side of the booth. 
Here's our "plaque table" with some crocheted stuff in the corner. It's really picked over because I haven't had time to crochet. If we are tight on booth space, there are times it doesn't make it out in the booth. That's ironic because starting out, I just wanted to sell a few hats.