The Bachelorette: Tayshia: Week 1: Let's Start All Over Again

This post is actually a day late because I wasn't home to blog when The Bachelorette was home. It's after 9 PM now, and I was ready for bed an hour ago, so let's see if I make it through this mess tonight. (I'm also sidetracked with updating some things on The Crafty Dad and Daughter site because it hasn't been updated in a while, so it's like 10:15 after only watching about 10 minutes of the show.)

The men are wondering who is next up now that Clare is off the scene. 

The men all rise as Tayshia enters the room. Eazy has to pick his jaw up off the ground. Some of the men definitely have no issue with this change whatsoever. 

Tayshia says a week ago she never would have imagined being there, but you know she was quarantined longer than that. 

There are 16 men who have stuck around...

Ivan is who we see Tayshia taking off first. Do we know Ivan? I don't really recall Ivan because he's not Dale. I think Ivan is definitely more into Tayshia than Clare. 

Riley is ready for his turn. He too seems to be more into Tayshia. A lot of these guys are younger, so the age is a better fit. There are also more men of color left around than usual, especially at this point. Just the diversity of the cast, seems a little stacked in a way that seems Tayshia and her preferences may have been cast. 

Blake who was really upset about Clare's exit is feeling more connection in meeting Tayshia once than Clare in four meetings.

Jason had feelings for Clare, but he knows he's still there for the right reasons. 

Tayshia talks to a few more men before Chris Harrison comes and interrupts, taking Tayshia away. Chris breaks the news that she's not just going to meet 16 guys tonight. There's more coming in the limo pulling up.

The guys that have been through the Clare ordeal are deflated to say the least. Kenny is full of rude comments and angst. If Clare had paid any attention to him, she'd have kicked him off already. He's a jerk. 

Given how they were quarantining, you have to be stupid to not think this was all planned from the get go. 

Doing this intro part just means a lot of pausing and unpausing, adding to the time spent on tonight's blog. Sigh. Finishing this tonight doesn't look good.

Spencer - 30 - Water Treatment Engineer - La Jolla, CA -- I don't mind looking at him. Maybe this isn't so bad. Tayshia thinks he's hot. He walks awkwardly in the room. He asks which one of them scared off Clare. Obviously, he hasn't gotten the 411 on what happened before he arrived.

Montel - 30 - Gym Owner, Boston, MA -- He keeps saying, "Nice to meet you." 

Peter - 32 - Real Estate Agent - Framington, MA -- Just a hello before he pops inside.

Noah - 25 - Registered Travel Nurse - Tulsa, OK -- The guys inside aren't worried about him for some reason. He pulls out a stethoscope and has her listen to where his heart is from the start.

Tayshia comes back in. Is that it? The four new guys are going to have a tough time meshing in. The old guys are annoyed that she's getting time and intros to the new guys coming in given they have been there. 

Spencer of the new group pulls Tayshia off next. 

Chris Harrison pops in to leave a first impression rose. 

Now back to some of the other guys talking to her. Who knows anything about some of these guys? She finds Zac C. interesting. I don't know why. 

Peter is one of 11 kids and has a twin brother. 

Another guy dances with her, someone plays corn hole.

It is time for the rose. Tayshia pulls Spencer away and tells him that her heart skipped a beat when he came out of the limo. Oh goodness, here we go again. SERIOUSLY? That's how it started with Dale!

There's about to be a rose ceremony. This is going to stink for some people. Oh wait! Change of plans! No rose ceremony. She's going to cancel it. She sent Chris Harrison packing. I bet that was planned all along too. 

We now interrupt Tayshia's journey to find love so that Chris Harrison can sit down with Clare and Dale to get the real scoop on how the two fell in love in two weeks, or did they have contact before the show started? Chris is going to get answers. 

Chris is going to talk to Clare first. It's been a dream come true for her. 

They go back to the first night when Dale came out of the limo. It was love at first sight. 

Thankfully the chat is short (because it's boring) before Dale comes out. Chris asks Dale if it was love at first sight. He says it was for him too. Though they didn't know it, they were on the same page all along the way. How many times they can say "Show up for me" I don't know. It's overkill. 

So, let's get down to the question about previous interaction... had they communicated before filming started. Oh, my. It hurts Clare to be questioned. It hurts to her core. She denies lying to Bachelor Nation. Dale agrees they never texted, messaged, anything. He never had her number until after they were engaged and he was going back to him home. 

Clare said she followed a lot of guys on social media to see what they did in their down times. Dale was the one being strong, open, and vulnerable on his Instagram or at least according to Clare.

What is coming up? Clare says, "Baaaabiiiiiiieeees." 

Now, back to Tayshia. 

Tayshia is a little concerned some of the guys are still hung up on Clare. 

The men are awaiting the date card. Chris brings it. The good ness to start... everyone is getting dates.

"Blake, Riley, Zac, Jordan, Noah, Peter, Kenny, Jay, Eazy, Spencer -- Here's to a second shot at love."

Tayshia emerges from the pool in that signature move that's been in the commercials. The men take off their shirts to dive in. Kenny evidently can't figure out how to remove a shirt without being awkward. 

Chris comes back out to announce a competition. He divides the men into two teams and sends them to locker rooms to get dressed. Speedos. Here we go again. I'm sure Blake isn't pleased. 

It's Splashball time! basically water basketball. 

Riley elbows Spencer when the game gets intense. Riley doesn't like Spencer's attitude, and he tried to make out like it was accidental, but it wasn't. 

The blue team of Spencer, Eazy, Zac, Noah, and Jay (I think that's right) get to have a BBQ with Tayshia. 

Blake does the walk of shame back home with his green team (along with Kenny and Riley). They miss the BBQ, but will come back later for more time with Tayshia. 

Meanwhile on the other side of the resort, Jason tells Joe that he's not sure how much fight he has in him because he had feelings for Clare. He fears the one-on-one.

The rest of the the guys await the next date card. A knock. Here it is.

"Brendan - Let's start our journey to fall in love."

Back to the date. 

Eazy tells Tayshia she makes him nervous. He uses the line that he feels like he may have just met his wife as corny as it sounds. 

Tayshia is really into Zac C. Loud smacky kisses. I don't see it, like I didn't see the Dale thing. 

She and Riley talk about how many kids they want. 

Spencer and Riley get into it a little bit about their confrontation during the game and cracked ribs.

Kenny calls Spencer out for being obnoxious.

Some of the other men agree. 

When it's Spencer's turn, she gives him an ice pack for his lip. She asks if there is some animosity with Riley.

Time for the rose... Comments to Spencer, Zac, and Eazy. She gives it to Eazy. 

After the date, Jason decides he's done. Zac tells him he's a stronger man walking out than he was walking in. Jason goes to find Tayshia and tell her. 

Jason tells her that he is happy she is there. He let his walls down, and he fell for Clare. She deserves someone amazing and all in, and he just can't do it anymore. 

She tells him this is a fear of hers. Probably more than really caring if he leaves, Tayshia probably wonders what the other guys think. Jason assures him the other 19 are there for the long haul. 

The next morning, Tayshia comes in on one horse and guiding another along for Brendan. 

He tells Tayshia her look, her style, her energy is right up her alley. Kiss up much? Oh, and he can't wait to kiss her. 

It's a small, small quarantined world, so they run into Chris Harrison who serves them margaritas for their ride. 

Chris then runs off to the other side of the resort to interrupt them again and again. What else is there to do? 

After a while on the horses, to the pool they go. Pool makeout time, of course.

Onto fake dinner. Brendan needs to tell her he has been married. It was his early 20s, it was his high school sweetheart he'd known since childhood. There wasn't any cheating, but it counseling didn't work. She thought children weren't really in their future, but he wanted kids.

Randomness here... A few weeks ago, I was trying to figure out who this guy was at a rose ceremony. Early in the season, I refer back to the cast page on the Bachelorette website. This guy, in his promo picture has mop hair which he does now too, but in his cast photo, he has bright blue eyes. His photo looks very different from the other guys. This guy sitting her talking, eating fake dinner most definitely has brown eyes. Other than a version of moppy hair, he doesn't really look like his photo at all. 

Now, carrying on. Tayshia wants to know if he wants to know what she thinks. She's more understanding than he may think. She also got married at a young age. They met in college, but there were issues. So, she's not going to kick him out the door for it. She felt like she wasn't alone. They had a bonding moment. She does want kids (5 in fact) in the future. She gives him the rose and they watch fireworks. 

She calls her day magical. 

The men are jealous about the fireworks even though they can see them from where they are. ;)

No rose ceremony at the end of the episode. I don't recall when we had one last.