The Bachelorette: Tayshia: Week 2: An Obviously Scripted Episode

Hey! I actually quit work, ate and was ready to start on time tonight. That's an achievement. 

I'm hoping this goes by quick.

The second group date of Tayshia's first week is with Montel, Ivan, Demar, Ben, Chasen, Ed, Joe and Bennett. It's the first time for these guys to really see her since the first night. 

Two of Tayshia's friends lined up today's date, so supposedly, she doesn't know what is happening. They are in what looks like a classroom. They are going to do a Grown Man Challenge. Ash Kardash and her man Jared are leading the challenge. 

Tayshia is looking for a smart man, so the men will be tested in math and spelling. The first question calculates time. Bennett went to Harvard and thinks he is smart, but gets the first question wrong. And the second. He argues the wording of the word problem. Next is spelling. Limousine. Bennett can't spell either. Demar went to Arizona State and did better. That was his point, not mine. Nothing against ASU. 

The next challenge is tug-of-war. Man vs. man match-ups. Bennett claims an old football injury and doesn't participate. Between that and the math test, Tayshia's interest in him has waned.

After that, they do a breakfast in bed challenge where they make Tayshia breakfast in bed. Chasen needs some help, so instead of breakfast, he calls himself breakfast and takes off his shirt. Bennett in his robe tries to lay on extra charm. He feeds her, earning some points back. 

The man child of the evening has to carry a doll that cries, etc. Ed has to carry this around as long as Tayshia so desires. 

The Grown Man of the evening goes to Bennett, thanks to the last round evidently. He goes in for a kiss, and this ticks Chasen off. He thinks it's playing games and Tayshia doesn't appreciate it. I think she found it funny. 

Bennett brings his diploma with him and is still wearing his robe for the cocktail party. Chasen asks about his not competing in a physical challenge. Bennett retorts that he didn't even participate in one challenge and still won it. Chasen calls the kiss cringey like the robe Bennett's wearing. He makes a comment about dressing up for a cocktail party. Chasen is wearing a t-shirt.

Bennett tries to take Tayshia out first, but she wants to say hello to everyone first. Chasen ends up stealing her off first. Chasen talks about his little sister who is married and pregnant. 

Bennett and Ed muse over what Chasen is probably saying. Ed thinks Chasen is an actor. Granted, he's saying this holding his doll.

Tayshia's guard goes up around Ben for some reason, or so she says. She asks him why he's still single. Blah, blah, blah. He asks to kiss her. She is smitten by him. She calls him trouble. 

Ivan wins some points too. He blindfolds her, feeds her strawberries, and then goes feeds her his tongue. 

Bennett calls Chasen out on some stuff with Clare. Ed calls him a bad actor. I doubt getting into it with Chasen is going to serve him well in the long game. 

When Ed gets his time, he laughs off the baby. He says that he is 36 and wants kids. That's why he's hear. He's hear for the right reasons. He can't keep his mouth shut and brings up Chasen. He accuses Chasen of wanting Instagram followers. Back with the group, Ed admits he brought Chasen up to Tayshia and that he did tell her that he didn't think Chasen was there for the right reasons. 

Chasen's turn to defend himself. Tayshia, in fact, says he seems a little defensive. Chasen asks what was said. Mainly, that he was using the same words to describe Tayshia as Clare. After she sends him off, she needs a moment. Chasen goes back out and confronts Ed. Chasen calls himself a grown man. Actually, there's another descriptor in that title. 

Chasen is arguing with Ed when Tayshia starts coming back on the scene. It's rose time. She compliments Ben and Ivan. Ultimately, the rose goes to Ivan. 

The next night is the cocktail party and rose ceremony. Before Tayshia arrives, Chasen gives a speech saying he doesn't want any drama tonight. He gets into it with Ed again. Chasen admits that he did use one word to describe both Clare and Tayshia, but his new word is "smokeshow." Tayshia is a smokeshow.

Every man makes a face not knowing what the heck that meant. 

Ben in his awkward way gets his kiss during his time with her. He is really nerdy.

Joe brings some food. Someone brings popsicles. Demar reads a poem. 

Ed is going off to whoever will listen. Bennett cracks a joke about Chasen not being able to come up with a new adjective and instead creates a noun.

During Ed's time, he talks about Chasen being a bully the night before. Tayshia is over this drama already and calls Chasen out to talk. Chasen asks why they can't talk about this like a man instead of pointing fingers. It's so petty to her. 

Chasen comes back and calls Ed away. He admits he got over aggressive. The rest of the men can hear the whole conversation. Zac and Kenny go break it up. 

Then, Zac gets some time. He says he tries to stay out of it all. He's not there for He-Said/He-Said. Tayshia finds him more mature than some of the others. 

Chris Harrison comes in to break up the party. Tayshia has to go consider roses, so leaves the men to stew some more. 

I need a commercial to walk around so I don't fall out asleep at what a snooze this all is. 

Rose time!

There are 19 men... the ones with roses are Eazy, Brendan and Ivan. 

  1. Zac
  2. Riley
  3. Kenny (Why is he still around?)
  4. Ben (Thank goodness no more voice overs from him.)
  5. Demar
  6. Bennett
  7. Spencer
  8. Jordan
  9. Noah (He needs to shave his stupid looking lip worm.)
  10. Joe
  11. Blake
  12. Ed
  13. Chasen (You knew that was going to happen. Had to keep the drama around for the producers.)
Going home: Montel, Jay (who I keep confusing with Zac when I see him), and Peter. I couldn't figure out what his name was since he just got there last episode. She's already dissed two of the four guys that joined post-Clare. 

Chasen gives the toast. He annoys me. Why does he keep calling her a smokeshow? I'm so old and out of it, I had to Google to see if Chasen make up the term. 

It's a new day. Chris Harrison comes in with the date card.

"Eazy, Brendan, Joe, Jordan, Spencer, Ben, Ed, Chasen... I am looking for my perfect match." 

Someone thinks they know what the date is. Someone lamely says, "Puzzles." Someone else, "Wrestling." This idea amuses Eazy. Everyone knows it will be Ed vs. Chasen. 

Sure enough, wrestling. Tayshia thinks this will help with the tension. Badly scripted show. With the help of two female pro wrestlers, they will get some coaching. 

Tayshia thinks Chasen and Ed need to stay in their lanes. Joe is worried about the ex-NFL player (Eazy), the collegiate baseketball players... Joe was just all-conference volleyball in high school.

Chris comes out ringing his bell. Enough warm-ups. It's time to go prime time in front of an audience tonight. The winner of it all will win time with Tayshia. 

Oh, I forgot to mention in between all of Chasen's smokeshow references, he also references himself as the Wolverine.

He's going to take Ed out. 

How many people quarantined at this resort? Wells (the bartender from BIP) is there to commentate with Chris. 

Before they get started, the men have to oil up. 

First round... Eazy vs. Joe. The NFL player Joe was scared of. Eazy wins.

Brendan vs. Jordan. Nerd round. Jordan wins.

Spencer vs. Ben. It gets pretty rough. It is called a draw. Ben is bleeding and has to be tended to before the big round.

Chasen vs. Ed... because this whole show is scripted. Ed wants to talk to Chris first. His shoulders dislocate easily, and he doesn't want to end up in the hospital, so wants to back out of this match. Chasen hopes Tayshia sees that Ed is scared. Uh. 

Chris asks if any of the other guys want to fight for Tayshia. Noah jumps the fence and gets oiled up. Wells too thinks that Noah's moustache is ridiculous. Chasen looks like he's throwing punches, not wrestling. Chasen is uber aggressive. The referrees call Chasen the winner. 

Chasen is deemed winner of the night. Chris sends the men not on the date home. He was going to send Noah home, but Tayshia asks Noah to join them. 

A few men aren't so pleased about Noah crashing the party. Even more so when he takes Tayshia away first. He asks what she thought when he jumped the fence. She said it was bold. He's going to be himself. If it works out, great, if not, it's not meant to be. Tayshia says there's one thing... He answers, "You don't like moustaches?" She tells him to shave it. She wants to see what he looks like without it. Off he goes to do it. 

The rest of the guys muse how they don't think Noah is a threat. Ben's plan is to go last and take her a fresh drink for a nightcap.

Brendan talks to her about dating again post-divorce. Snooze. Tayshia kisses him to make him stop rambling. Her word. 

After a while, Chasen wonders where Noah is. Did he get sent home?

Ben is still waiting to be last. He thinks he has a better chance of getting the rose being a fresh memory. 

Every man goes off. One by one. 

Noah does come back and interrupt, then has Tayshia shave the moustache off for him. Tayshia thinks the kissing is much better now. 

Once Tayshia goes back to the group, she's ready to call it a night and hand out the rose. This is when Ben decides he wants time. Too late. Tayshia says she's done. Then she gives the rose to Noah. This really makes everyone mad as in my opinion they should be for the date crasher. 

That is where we end the night.