The Bachelorette: Tayshia: Week 3: You Snooze You Lose

I am admittedly several days behind on getting to this post. 

On Tuesday instead of watching, I worked late, trying to get some things taken care of before taking some time off this week. I never give myself time off, but it's a holiday week, and was going to make myself chill some.

On Wednesday night, I needed to work some on my Christmas tree which I started last Saturday. 

On Thursday night, I came home and crashed on the couch in pain because I ate too much and was oh, so sick.

On Friday night, I made myself finish all my decorating.

It's Saturday, I meant to start watching earlier, but wanted to also take photos of craft product to post on Facebook and sale. Then, I decided I wanted to make some more sports signs if I was taking the time to photograph after I got it all brought in. Then, then my white paint pens weren't cooperating for the basketball signs. Throw some other things in there, and here I am late into the night just starting. I think my laptop battery is going to die before I get through this post, but here I go giving it a try. As I push play, I also think I'm going to fall asleep. 

It's a new day! Chasen and Noah are lounging around, and Chasen congratulates Noah on his rose. 

Ben is pouting about not getting time. That's his own fault. No sympathy there. 

Chris Harrison arrives. He asked what is up with Noah and his 'stache. He points out to everyone that Tayshia likes bold since Noah won a rose on a date he wasn't even supposed to be on. 

Chris goes on to introduce the next date. For everyone not on the group date yesterday -- Bennett, Ivan, Blake, Kenny, Riley, Demar, Zac -- they are going to compete for the one-on-one date by writing an original love song and performing it for Tayshia. Whoever speaks to her heart the most wins the date. They have one hour. 

Everyone seems to be struggling except for Demar who is rocking his tambourine. Bennett works on rhyming skills (Harvard didn't help him here). Kenny sounds like he is writing boy band lyrics. It's what he knows. 

Tayshia says she won't be judging them too hard. 

First up is Zac. He pounds a drum as he sings. 

Kenny is next. His lyrics are bad. He tried to sing a line for every letter in Tayshia's name... "T is for..."

Blake should have never picked up the accordion.

Riley tries poetry sort of.

Bennett tries to rap. 

Ivan says this is so far outside of anything he has ever done. He asks her to come closer. It's kind of rap like, and he ends it with a kiss. 

Demar plays a guitar and compares her to a mocha latte. 

Tayshia picks Ivan as the one to join her for the rest of the evening. 

Tayshia thinks this date will be special because this is the kind of thing they'd normally do in the real world at her place.

They are going to order room service, so they have to make their way to her room to get the phone. However, they are going to play the floor is lava game to get there. They make their way to the bedroom, but she forgets the menu. He goes back for it, comes back, orders wine and in the process, she hits him with a pillow that looses all it's feathers. A messy pillow fight ensues. A game of Twister follows. 

They compare skin tones over their fake dinner. He's black Pilipino, so he's the first mixed race man her age she's ever been able to relate to. 

The men are gathered awaiting the last date card. 

Zac, Kenny, Demar, Bennett, Riley, Blake... How far are you willing to go for love?

So, this is the date for the people who didn't get the one-on-one. Noah whines about not getting to go on the group date or the one-on-one. Bennett calls Noah greedy, after all, he already got a rose this go around. 

Now, back to Ivan's date. They talk about their families. His father was 45 when he was born, so Ivan talks about him being an old man (73). Tayshia's dad isn't even 50. 

Ivan's younger brother is less than two years younger. Ivan did all he could to be a good example as his parents prodded him to, but his brother ended up into drugs and in prison. He talks about being another dad to his niece. His brother has been out about a year now. The conversation gets really serious talking about police brutality and such. 

After their emotional conversation, she gives Ivan the rose. They end the night watching a slideshow of photos from Tayshia's youth. 

The next morning, Becca and Sydney join Tayshia to help put the men to the test. It's going to be a game of truth or dare. 

There are dares set up around the resort. Each team has a map and a camera to document that they did their dares. Bennette and Demar, Kenny and Blake, Zac and Riley are the teams. 

At one station, they have to make smoothies with some gross ingredients and down them. Riley bites the bullet and drinks one with some cow intestines and water scorpions. 

Demar has to find Chris Harrison's villa and have him autograph his butt. 

I'd rather not describe what Kenny had to call up the resort PA system and do. Blake did that challenge next. The men not on the date think Blake has some demons. The girls got a laugh at it. 

Kenny downs some smoothie with chicken feet. Blake's had something worse. 

Chris signs more butts. Bennett's phone call with the intercom got weird. 

The last dare is each has to eat a habanero pepper and profess their love to Tayshia by fake proposing. It doesn't go well for Kenny. It makes him pretty sick. After everyone has their turn, they are sent off to get ready for the evening portion of the date where the truth comes in. 

I don't know what went down during the evening portion of the date. Thanks to thunderstorms in the area, there was coverage of the weather broken into programming. I'm having to bring this up online. I'll now point out that my low battery message just popped up. 

Bennett is up first. They talk about the engagement he broke off, then how much he was affected by the fake proposal today. 

Now my internet is stalling out on playing this back. I'm about to have to give up for the night, it seems. At least I just got Christmas purchased for my brother and his wife. My computer then turned off on me.

Blake's turn! Tayshia asks what his exes would say about him. He claims to have good relationships with all of his exes. 

Riley is asked about prioritizing his wife and family alongside being an attorney. 

Kenny talks about being a smart mouth and says he wouldn't be if he met her parents. 

Tayshia asks Demar about what his biggest fear about marriage was. Given his mother divorced twice, that's a concern of his. He doesn't want his own kids to go through that.

When it's time to get Zac to talk, she gets him in the hot tub. My online replay keeps glitching, and he's been watching her and what he's noticed is how she treats people, and I've heard that line line 20 times now. And time in the hot tub turns into what time in the hot tub always turns into.

Time to get dressed and rejoin all the guys for the date rose. She tells what she appreciates about several men. She does give the rose to Zac, even though she feels closer to all the guys. 

Meanwhile Ben whines about not having time with Tayshia. He doesn't want her to think he's the worse for not spending time with her. He goes off to sulk. 

Thankfully, I can now go back to the DVR. Ivan and Brendan talking about with 16 guys still left, they hope at the next rose ceremony she starts trimming the fat... but it's only her second rose ceremony. 

Ben decides he's going to sneak off to see Tayshia. It's been a couple of years since he's been on a covert mission (he doesn't strike me as an Army vet, but he is). 

Ed wants to do something above and beyond. He too decides to go off to see Tayshia.

Ed finds Chris Harrison at 2:30 AM. He went to the wrong room. Chris asks him what he's doing there, but invites him in for a drink.

Why Tayshia was up at this time, who knows, but Ben finds the right room. He apologizes "for making you disappointed in me." She tells him that this week has been about putting yourself out there, and he hasn't. He says he was trying to wait for the end of the night and thought he would have time. 

Their conversation seems really awkward, but not as awkward as Ed's with Chris Harrison. 

Ben said from here on out, he will always grab her hand first. She says she forgives him, but he needs to show up. He wants to kiss her. They are mid-kiss when there is a knock on the door. 

Room service arrives with champagne and strawberries. 

Evidently, Ed never finds his way. 

The next evening is the cocktail party and rose ceremony. 

As soon as Tayshia makes her toast, Ben takes her off to prove his point. To me, he's as boring as it gets. 

Riley makes a boyfriend/girlfriend contract that has to be sealed with a kiss.

When Noah has his time, he stirs up trouble saying all the men said he got the rose for show and shares the trash talk. He says the men said by giving him the rose, Tayshia wasn't taking it seriously. She doesn't like her integrity being questioned. She wants him to name names. He says she should quiz some of the guys.

Tayshia goes back in to confront the guys. She doesn't want her intentions questioned. She is not trying to start drama in the house, and can make her own decisions. If they question her, she can walk them outside. She says she will see them at the rose ceremony bringing an end to the cocktail party. 

The men are confused. Someone has to know something. They start questioning who the last guy to talk to her was. Noah has to fess up.  

Bennett and Noah are going to get into it because Bennett thinks Noah is a baby. 

I don't know that Noah was being honest. I think they were giving him grief about being obnoxious, but I don't know that they thought Tayshia was being questions in the way he said they were. 

They all start railing on Noah. Eazy, Ed, Jordan. About half the men hadn't seen Tayshia yet at the party. Bennett says it's like arguing with a 14 year-old. He tells Noah that he owes everyone an apology for taking their time. 

It's time for roses...

Ivan, Noah, and Zac have roses from dates.

  1. Ben
  2. Eazy
  3. Riley
  4. Brendan
  5. Bennett
  6. Blake
  7. Demar
  8. Spencer
  9. Ed
Going home Kenny (who should have gone long ago), Jordan, Joe (who had so much class as he left), and Chasen.