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Breaking free from an eating disorder is difficult and complex. Those who are suffering often feel misunderstood. They struggle with feeling alone and afraid, ashamed to tell those closest to them. Their loved ones also feel helpless and ill-equipped to care for them. Within this dynamic, hurt, disappointment, and neglect often thrive. From the unique perspective of a  husband and wife team, Table for Two shares Krista Dunham’s journey to freedom from her eating disorder while David shares insights as the loved one coming beside her.   

Krista suffered from an eating disorder for over ten years and, by God’s grace and through biblical counseling, overcame it. She openly and honestly shares her experience, describing what she did, what she needed, and what proved helpful in the process of change. In conjunction with her insights, David shares what he did, how he failed, and what he learned along the way as a biblical counselor that was helpful to Krista.  

Without minimizing complicated issues, the Dunhams provide practical, gospel hope and biblical encouragement to those suffering and help for loved ones walking with them. They share personal narratives, interactive exercises, and biblical direction for those navigating recovery. Individuals suffering from an eating disorder—and loved ones—will find practical help, hope, and encouragement in this couple’s story. Applying the truth of Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, they know two are better than one and understand the need to connect and jointly navigate the process together. 

This powerful, redemptive book reveals an intimacy beyond personal stories of struggle told through a biblical counseling lens; it highlights the close-knit relationship of husband and wife and a home life where one person struggles with an eating disorder.  

What Others Are Saying

"As biblical counseling further develops from a movement to a discipline, it needs more issue-specific books providing a biblical framework to address specific troubles in human experience. David and Krista have provided such a book, helping us further stretch toward competency on the vital issue of eating disorders." 
~ Jeremy Pierre, Author of The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life; Lawrence & Charlotte Hoover Associate Professor of Biblical Counseling; chair, Department of Biblical Counseling & Family Ministry, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary 

“When I go looking for help and direction in dealing with truly difficult problems, I’m always interested in those who have been there and found the way out. In the arena of eating disorders, Tablefor Two is compelling testimony of a couple who did just that. This book is full of help for the struggler and those who love them. The authors point the reader to the wealth of wisdom to be found when counseling from the Scriptures and the importance of good medical care in the process. Even the title is helpful, as it points the reader to the truth that eating disorders are rarely conquered alone. Table forTwo will be an encouragement to many and a good resource in counseling.”
~ Charles D Hodges, Jr. MD, Family Physician, Indianapolis, IN; executive director, Vision of Hope, Residential Treatment Facility for Women, Lafayette, IN

“In Table for Two, David and Krista Dunham offer readers the healing balm of the gospel, applying it to the struggle of disordered eating. Compassionate, practical, and wise, the Dunhams' words are underscored by their own testimonies as they live in the hope they now extend—both to those who suffer and to those who help.”
~ Hannah Anderson, Author of Humble Roots: How Humility Grounds and Nourishes Your Soul

About the Authors

David Dunham, MDiv (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), is a pastor and biblical counselor at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Roseville, MI. He is the coauthor of Table for Two: Biblical Counsel for Eating Disorders.

Krista Dunham has served as a women’s mentor, biblical counselor, and curriculum developer for various women’s and children’s ministries. She has a degree in early childhood education from Ohio University. She is the coauthor of Table for Two: Biblical Counsel for Eating Disorders.

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