The Bachelor: Matt: Week 9: The Fantasy Suite Dates


I know I have threatened this before, but I'm very serious this time... This very well may be my last season to blog on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. I just have too many other things I need to be doing right now besides blogging on this dumpster fire of a show, even if it does at least keep me somewhat actively blogging. Speaking of which, I need to catch up on the rest of last week's posts because it was an extremely busy week.

After I get through, I have load upon load of laundry to do and I haven't tended to the dishes in my kitchen sink other than to pile more in there since Friday night when I started a load in the already full dishwasher. I also need to be working on press kits. Sigh.

So, without further ado, here we go. 

It's overnight date week AKA fantasy suites. We have three smitten kitten's left: Michelle, Bri, and Rachael. 

They are all falling in love with Matt. 

As they await the date card, each woman is hoping to be the first to go on their date. I think the last date might be the better spot to be in quite honestly. The last date is going to stick in his mind the most, at least that's what I think. 

The women chit chat about the conversations they got to have at hometowns get to extend into this week. 

Chris Harrison arrives and points out that over time, there have been 38 women, and now they are down to three. he tells them to use their time wisely to talk about their goals, where they would live, children, dreams, etc. He drops the card on the table and leaves.

Bri gets the card to read it, "Michelle - It's time to get even closer." She's happy to go first and is super excited to get to see him today.

Matt reveals that it has been hard on him to go dep. He has run from the hard conversations in the past. He's not so sure what a long-term relationship looks like based on what has happened to him in his past, namely, the relationship between his parents. He needs to have a conversation with his dad who is knocking at the door. 

So, Matt has a fear of commitment, some negativity, and resentment about his parent's relationship that has hindered growth in his own. His dad doesn't think Matt has any issue with having a relationship. Matt explains what being a dad means to him, and what he feels like he's missed out on. His dad tells him he has to let go and open up. Matt points out how his dad wasn't there to have conversations with him, and instead had other families. Matt doesn't want to make the same mistake. His dad says he would have had the conversation if Matt had come to him, but Matt points out that his dad was never around. Matt's dad gets really defensive. Says he didn't a father either when he was a child. He also points out that Matt's mother had left which Matt says, "Yeah, because you were cheating." 

Matt's dad said he isn't there to talk about his past relationships. He's there to celebrate what Matt has going on. Matt said it isn't a celebration, it's being a part of a journey. If he wanted to celebrated, they'd go to Chuck E. Cheese. Matt is trying to work some things out so he doesn't harden his heart and get in trouble later. 

Dad finally gives in that, yes, Matt is trying to learn some lessons he didn't learn from him. Matt wants to move forward and not hold grudges. 

It's finally time for Michelle's date. 

They get into a room where there is a tub to take a milk bath and an oatmeal foot bath. They melt butter over each other. Literal sticks of butter. Michelle says it feels like home to do this with Matt. What does she do at home? 

After hosing off the butter, milk, etc., they talk about him meeting her family last week. He thought her parents were great. She talks about how important it is to talk about not just falling in love, but staying in love. 

Over fake dinner, Michelle wants him to know that he can open up to her. Matt reveals he is trying to figure out why he is the way he is. A lot of it is rooted with his relationship with his parents and their relationship. He shares about talking to his dad.

Michelle thinks he brings as much to the table in a relationship knowing what he doesn't want to happen. Michelle reveals that she sees Matt as her person--the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with. 

Matt picks up the pate of fake food at an angle and the food doesn't even move at all. He pulls out that fantasy suite card and gives it to her. 

In their alone time, Michelle shared more of her feelings. As she leaves the building, Matt hollers at her from the balcony and blows kisses. 

Rachael and Bri talk back at the hotel. Rachael says she got nauseous thinking about Matt in bed with another woman. When Michelle comes in, Rachael says they aren't good, but asks what they did. Michelle gives a brief overview of their spa day and can see the other women struggling with the recap. Rachael is really not handling things well. Bri is battling between being jealous and excited. Since she got the last rose last week, she's wondering if her relationship isn't the best. 

It's time for Bri's date... a hike in the woods. Matt has brought sleeping bags and everything they need for a campout. 

I would hate this date. After a while they sit down to talk. She brings up how hard it was to see Michelle come back. 

At dinner, they talk about Matt's mom. Bri really wants to meet her. She wants to back things up a little bit (huh--did I zone out earlier?) and asks about engagement and how he feels about that coming up in such a short period of time. He shares that he talked to his dad and now is ready to move forward. matt pulls out the card. I wasn't looking to see if his fake food moved this time. 

Bri bores me to no end. The next morning, Matt cooks breakfast. As she expresses her feelings, all Matt does is awkwardly nod. Matt can see a life with Bri after this. They connect on the deepest levels, and she's the second woman to say she's in love with him. He realizes how hard his decision will be.

Back home, Rachael is whining about the conversations the others have gotten to have with Matt. She doesn't want to see Bri. Rachael does asks what they did, but you can tell by her face she doesn't want to know. 

Matt is fired up about Rachael's date. She's nervous though. 

Rachael is worried that his feelings have changed in the past week. She doesn't run up to hug him. She's much more subdued. 

By the way, her shirt with a belly button cutout is hideous. 

They arrive at their date which is a pottery class. There's going to be a Ghost moment here soon, I just know it. (Oh, my love... My darling... I've hungered for your touch.) Well, it was supposed to have, but Rachael's such a Debbie Downer, that no one is having a good time. She interrupts the date to go out and talk to Matt. She tells him the week was unbearable for her. She pictures him as her future husband, and knowing he was spending intimate time with other people, she was the lowest that she's felt. She knows he needs to spend time with everyone to be confident in his decision, but wants to know if his feelings for her have changed. 

He tells her that when he is with her, she's all that he is thinking about. He wants her to have a good date. In an effort to reassure her, he brings up his reaction to when she got hurt landing after their skydiving adventure last week.

They have their Ghost moment after they go back in after she tell him how in love with him she is.  

Rachael is in a better mood for fake dinner. They talk about letting their guard down. She's been too worried about getting her heart broken to worry about if Matt had any insecurities. He shares about talking to his father again. 

Actually, they don't even have fake dinner, they talk on the couch before giving her the card. Outside are fireworks. Foreshadowing? 

We don't even see the next morning with Rachael parting ways with Matt. We go straight to the women getting ready for the rose ceremony. 

Chris welcomes each as they arrive... Michelle, Bri, and Rachael -- same order as the dates, all in black dresses. 

Matt says it's the hardest decision he has had to make, but he has to follow his heart. 

The first rose goes to Michelle. The second rose goes to Rachael. 

Matt walks Bri out. They sit on a bench and there is an awkward silence for a moment before he apologizes. It's just about how he feels, not that there's anything wrong with her, he explains.