The Bachelor: Matt: Women Tell All

Another Monday, another day of big intentions of being in on the couch at 7:00, another failure.

Hoping to whiz through this episode because, are we really going to gain anything insightful? I doubt it.

Chris Harrison says there was more controversy and drama than in any season before. Only if you count his own controversy and drama. A lot of cat fights and mean girls. More mean girls than any other season. 

After a roll of clips of drama between the women, Chris addresses Jessenia and MJ. MJ says she owned it and apologized for what she said to Matt. She still says she wasn't there to tear anyone down, only to build people up. Jessenia was just Jessenia. Chris is ready to move on quickly.

Chris changes the subject to when the five new women arrived. Ryan spoke, mentioned Victoria, and quickly changed the subject to Queen Victoria's reign. Victoria likes to make up words like upsetness. She claims she does blow off comments about her bra straps though. (I for one am guilty of those comments on social about her.) Victoria thinks she has been called things worse than Ryan, so Victoria asks Ryan if she is sensitive. It's just more pettiness, quite honestly. 

More clips of toxicity. Katie vs. Victoria. Chelsea accuses Katie of bring the drama because there wasn't an issue until she brought it up to Matt. I've thought Chelsea was kind of snobby. Khaylah (remember her) defends Chelsea. Jessenia kind of has Katie's back. After some people yeh, yehing at each other, Chris has enough again. 

Chris brings Brittany to the hot seat. She has said nothing yet, but was at the middle of all of this when she was accused of being an escort. Cue the clips of Anna talking trash. I think Anna created this rumor on her own. Brittany says she had a hard time when she got home and didn't want to talk to anyone. Now if you Google her name, all the results come up with the question on if she is an escort. Brittany says there's nothing wrong with the industry, but that's not her. Anna apologizes and says after seeing it all, she feels worse. Anna says what she's done was out of anger. Mari asks about her motivation in all of it. Anna says it came from insecurities. Victoria asked where the info came from. Anna still contends she heard from an ex-boyfriend and other people who knew her. I've heard her say before (and again here) that Chicago is a small town. It's not, but whatever. 

We move on to never before seen clips. One date had a "What's in the Box?" game where they had to reach into a box of gross creatures (think Fear Factor). I don't know why they didn't show the date. There were a couple of times where group dates were shown going right to cocktail parties which seemed strange, but who knows why these parts of the dates weren't aired.

Another date was a pancakes and beer date where they had to eat piles of pancakes. It was evidently a bad idea so they didn't show it. It was when Ben was there. I remembered part of an obstacle course seemed missing. That must have been it. 

The third date no one saw included Hide and Seek. Matt hid in the woods and the women had to search him out. Kat had issues finding him while several women ended up in the hot tub with Matt. 

On the boxing date, the women also had to chug raw eggs, but we didn't see that. Thank goodness. Kat skipped, Katie couldn't get them all down. Eggs are MJ's biggest fear (that and chickens). 

Katie gets her time in the Hot Seat. They show her entrance with her "special gift" her date, being sent home on her one-on-one. She talks about how hard it was going through all of this and how personality is a lot to handle, but this is the first time she was truly herself. She just didn't see it coming at the time, but watching it saw where he was in all his other relationships. 

Abigail is up next and talks about how things may have been different if she got a date sooner following the first impression rose. There are a lot of "What if" questions she has. She also shares more about being a gray area in the deaf world because she doesn't sign even though she was born profoundly deaf. She's gotten great feedback from everyone even though she was worried about how she would be received. 

Pieper comes up next. Highlight reel. "Heartbreaking" send home. Nothing interesting to see here. 

Serena P. takes her turn. Shows all her highlights, her "hometown" date and her choice to leave. Talking with her family on the hometown date made her realize her doubts and that he wasn't THE ONE for her. 

Matt comes out, and I'm not a fan of the beard. I'm not a fan of beards in general. It's very wooly. very dark since he has his hair extremely short. Chris talks to him about being new coming in since he wasn't on a season before. From there they dive into seeing what was going on in the house watching it back that he didn't know about at the time. They get into the mean girl drama a bit. It's all a snooze. Every bit of it. 

Matt addresses a few women -- an emotional Victoria and Katie. He is very kind, encouraging, and complimentary to all of them. 

Then, there is a reel of Matt kissing the women with his eyes open. it's really rather creepy. He realizes now that it's weird. A couple of women realized this and thought it was weird.

Chris gives Abigail a chance to speak/ask questions, but she just thanks him for the opportunity. Pieper asks for some explanation, but doesn't really get the answer she was looking for. Chris asks Matt what he thinks about seeing Serena there. He thanks her for making her decision. 

Cue blooper reel... the usual flying bug moments... Matt is particularly klutzy. 

Two more weeks of this season... sneak peek...