My shorter hair and Spot in the Pot

First of all, for those of you who were wanting to see a picture of my new, shorter hair, here it is. I had to convince the woman who cut it to cut as much as she did. Probably about 4 inches.

Anyway, I look weird because I was trying really hard to get a decent picture of myself without the glare from the flash being too close and looking like I had 4 chins. That, and I kept blinking so I had a hard time keeping my eyes open. That's why I look bug-eyed.

In other news, a kitten - not a tiny one - has decided to make the palm tree pot on my back porch it's home. It's a huge pot, and I guess it's just homey feeling. The heck if I know why.

Anyway, this cat has been there several times when I've gone out the back door in the mornings and has been there some when I've gotten home. It's not always there, just more often there.

It's scared to death of me and shoots off in a flash. It's kind of an ugly little thing in a way. It's gray, orange and white splotched. I was over at my parents house talking about it, and said that I was going to name it. I just have a thing about name whatever. Even a cat I don't really want. When Mom asked what color it was, and I answered, Dad said, "it sounds ugly."

I decided instead of coming up with a name myself, that I would call Peyton and ask her what a good name for an ugly cat would be. So, I called her up, told her I had this cat in my palm tree pot and that it needed a name. She asked what color it was, and I said it had these different colored spots, so she proudly and confidently says, "we should name him Spot."

"That's a great name Peyton!"

So, I came home in the pouring rain, made my way up the stepping stones to the back door, and sure enough Spot was in his pot. I called Mom back to tell her that, "Spot was in his pot. Peyton didn't realize how great a name she had come up with - Spot in the Pot."

I tried to get a picture of Spot in the Pot, but he ran off when he saw me through the windows, and I wasn't able to get a good picture through the glass with the amount of light outside at the time.

I'll try to get one the next time I see him or her. Suffice it to say, he doesn't look like a Dalmatian.