When did I ditch my competitive streak?

Something happened, I'm not sure quite when, that caused me to loose my competitive streak. I love to play games, always have, and used to really like to win. But, maybe I just grew up. I still like to play games, but the "must win" attitude isn't there anymore.

Or maybe it is.

It's just not as dominant as the competive natures of Matt and Misha Parker.

Friday night, the Parkers were nice enough to invite me over for another game night. Because I happened to win Life the last time we played (which was luck, I assure you, not competitiveness), Matt and Misha were out for blood. And they beat me at Rummicube. But it was fun.

It was probably best that I lost. I brought the girls cookies with yellow icing (in honor of them man in the yellow hat, tie, pants and underwear as I like to point out to Merrilee). Matt pointed out how I loaded them up with sugar before bedtime. Misha pointed out how I under minded their parental authority. (Actually a joke really.)

I even got to participate in the word of the day at the dinner table. I had to make a sentence using the words: truth, respect and el bano. Part of a bigger lesson of the day.

Miles is really starting to talk now. At least I can understand him more. That's really fun.

Thanks for entertaining me Parkers!

That's all for tonight. Hopefully, I will have fun things to share this week. Or at least one can hope!


Parkerchica said…
We love our Audra game nights, even if neither of us win. Of course, my favorite nights are the ones where Matt consistenly loses.

But it's not because I'm competitive. I'm just not a nice person.
Pam said…
It sounds like lots of fun! Even if you did lose that last round.