Ducking the tomatoes

Though there have been blog posts consistently over the past month or so, if it weren't for work-related releases, there would only be one post for the month of October. Yet, ironically, or maybe not ironically, if it weren't for work there may have been more posts in the month of October.

As you can see, I've been very, very busy. I've simply not been able to make myself sit at my computer at home and type. I turn it on, think about it, and turn my computer back off.

I've even had a book review that I could post on my latest "just for fun" book that I read for probably two weeks. (I'll try to get it posted this weekend - I'm too tired right this minute to be able to do anything except ramble.) I've been trying to read a book that someone asked me to blog about for two weeks, but I'm not doing a very good job of it. Part of it's the fact that my brain seems like a bunch of mush, and I'm just not comprehending.

Tomorrow night, Vicki Lawrence is coming to the big town of Corsicana. Seeing as this is Corsicana, and this is a big event for this town, I'm looking forward to seeing her performance tomorrow night. I mean, if you look at her schedule, the next show she performs after Corsicana is in Las Vegas (and I don't mean the one in NM).

You know, I really realize I sound like a 62 year old rather than a 32 year old. I mean, I go to Kenny Rogers, the Oak Ridge Boys and Vicki Lawrence with my parents. I know, I know, I need to get out more.

Week after next, I have the week off. I have no plans. Some of you may say that sounds most excellent. But, I really need plans. Not in an obsessive, in control, really need to have plans way. I take that back, maybe it is an OCD way. Or maybe a "so that I won't be OCD" way.

In either case, I'll post more this weekend and try to do better next week. I promise to try.