One of those days

Yeah, it was just one of those days.

Sometimes Mondays are just Mondays because they are Mondays. For me, they just aren't my most productive day of the week. There always seems to be problems with Monday morning interviews, but scheduling and such really had nothing to do with it being one of those days.

As soon as I arrived at work this morning, I had to turn around and come right back home for a really, really stupid reason. (Stupid on my part.) By the time I got back, I just got a 30 minute late start to the day.

As the day progressed, it just seemed off for me. I did a fantastic job of burning my tongue on some really hot stew after work. I'll be feeling it for the rest of the week I did such a great job of it.

After that, I went to the grocery store because I had been putting it off because I just flat out didn't want to go. I couldn't make myself go this past weekend. My freezer had one french bread pepperoni pizza that's been in there way too long, a package of frozen pineapple and ONE toaster strudel. In the fridge was some sliced cheese, grape jelly, tortillas, sweet pickles and microwavable bacon. The cabinet? Some Cheetos, cereal and a jar of peanut butter. If I expected breakfast in the morning I was going to have to douse my honey nut Cheerios in Diet Dr. Pepper - the only thing I had to drink. My hair also deserved to be washed with something other than the little bit of shampoo left in the leftover hotel shower bottle. It's undergone a few too many bad days recently from just being its naturally curly self and my lack of desire to get the straightening iron out.

I arrive at the grocery store, and the place rejects me. The automatic door had closed all but about 3-4 inches behind whoever went in before me, and would not open. I pushed at it, it would not open. The woman behind me had to back up so that I could back up and trigger the sensor again.

I wanted to shout out it "FINE!!! I didn't want to come here anyway!" and turn around and leave. But, unless I wanted cheese on a tortilla for lunch tomorrow, I had to make my way in.

I get home with my laundry detergent, and something was messed up with the bottle. As I pull it out of the bag it's leaked out everywhere. No wonder I smelled it as I got it out of the car. While trying to poor it into the old bottle, I had detergent everywhere. And it's so slimy and slicky that it's hard to get the bottle all rinsed off. I didn't go back out to the car to see if I need to rinse out the back seat. It's too dark anyway.

Oh, and I realize that as I get my stuff out of my car that I forgot to buy a bag of candy corn. I really wanted a bag of candy corn. The one and only good thing about Halloween which is the dumbest holiday ever.

Along the way today, I had a conversation with a friend that really left me feeling quite defeated and puzzled. I hate it when that happens, especially when it causes a lot of over thinking.

Now, I need to balance my checkbook (yes, I still do that) and work on my bills for the upcoming month. Doesn't that sound like the most awesome, not depressing, thing to do? Exciting night at Audra's house.

In other news, I'm going to figure out who the one person in the world that I want to email me and talk about them a lot. Evidently, everybody and their Mama reads my blog.

Saturday night, I commented on the woman who showed up at the Vicki Lawrence show dressed like "Mama" from Mama's family. My mom was bound and determined that she knew who it was. My mama was wrong! As it turns out, the mystery Mama was Debi Snider of Midlothian, TX. She emailed me today to tell me it was her. Hi Debi, nice to meet you!

I appreciate that much more than the Branson Tourism Bureau who felt compelled to contact me after I talked about not wanting to go there. I'm on vacation next week. Would the tourism bureau of anywhere except Branson or the Black Hills of South Dakota like to contact me? If you would like to give me a free trip so that I can sing your area's praises, I can be bought. (WHOOPS... is the FTC going to nail me for that one?)

Broyhill still hasn't contacted me about that purple couch I kept talking about either.

Oh, there was a commercial with McDreamy on it. Patrick Dempsey, feel free to stop by my site and email me.