Good to go... I hope

So after I took Mom's car on my expedition on Tuesday, I was even more glad I did so on Wednesday.

After I tried to get Dad to assist me in shopping for tires last week, he decided to do so this week and ordered them on Wednesday. Well, Wednesday night after church, I came home, U-turned in front of my house at the mailbox and turned off the car to get my key out for the mailbox. I get back in and the car WILL NOT start.

I come on in the front door and call Dad who was not too pleased to come tend to my problem at the time. After doing the manly "get in and start it" along with the "are you giving it gas?", he finally got it started and around to the back. He had some real problems trying to start it again. So, he took my car, and I ended up with his truck for the next day. Musical cars, you see.

On Thursday, my tires came in, so we went to put those on, and decided to work on my other problem by cleaning the battery connections. Once they were clean, WOULD NOT start at all. He had to go for a battery. Luckily it was just the battery. I was almost convinced it was something more so because of its contrariness.

So on one day, I ended up with four new tires and a new battery. Just what I wanted for Christmas. Actually, I'll end up paying for tires and my Dad took pity on my situation in regards for the battery. Hopefully, now, my car will be running as usual on tires with tread and a battery with juice.

Sorry guys! That's the sum of excitement for second half of the week.


Mimi N said…
Audra, I'm so bummed you received your Christmas present in the form of 4 tires. Better safe than sorry. I need new tires also and here in MN they're already needed. :(