What are you listening to?

Today was the last vacation day that I had to take before the end of the year. I had something I had to do up around Arlington today, so I was going to try to accomplish my Christmas shopping today (another story).

So, I was about to head out when I looked and noticed one of my tires had lost some air again. I was going to put more air in it at the gas station at Brookshire's. Someone was already there airing up all of their tires at the free air pump. OK, fine, I'll go to the Shell station, it's on the way out of town. I get there and didn't four quarters to buy air. Best not to worry with it anyway, so I call Mom to borrow her car. Then I had to find a parking spot at the courthouse to get her car - a pain in the butt. Play musical keys with her because she needed to get into her house at lunch because the garage opener was in her car, yada, yada, yada.

I had to drive back over to my car to get some stuff out that I was taking with me. I thought at this rate I was never going to make my way out of town.

I've driven her car enough that I'm used to it. BUT... driving someone else's car is never the same as driving your own.

When I drive a distance especially, I am a chronic radio changer. Don't like that song, flip it over. I hate that singer, flip it over. Massive station changer, I tell you. And I'm used to my radio controls being on my steering wheel, even though one button isn't going through my presets just right.

And of course, Mom isn't going to have the same stations on her buttons that I do. I have no problem with that. At least they would be something to flip through. She has XM radio on her car, and listens to it alot. That's all good except I'm not used to the stations on there and scanning through is a pain. I can deal with listening to FM radio, and was trying to listen to FM radio. Except on 11 out of 12 of her presets on her FM stations are one station.

That one station was 99.1 FM in Dallas. A Spanish station. That's 11 of the 12 FM presets with Spanish music and the only word my mom knows in Spanish is "no."

That almost drove me nuts. So not only was I having to scan through, I was having to reach over to the radio itself and flip through. Which was a little bit of a stretch at times. Annoying more than anything.

After trying to get my dad to get my tires looked at last week, trading cars with my mom led him to decide to go get tire prices... what I tried to get him to do last week. *sigh*

Although I'd rather spend money on something besides tires right now, I hope I get them on before next Friday night. I have a Christmas party out of town to go to and don't need to go on my tires. If I have to take Mom's car again, I need to figure out how to program her radio.

On another note, I had a friend once who was absolutely convinced that every song in Spanish had the word "corazon" in it. If it means heart or love, I guess he was correct, but I can't hear a song in Spanish without thinking about that.

In high school Spanish class, we sang this stupid song about the colors. My classmates knew I hated it (it just got on my nerves), so they would sing it to me all the time just to be mean to me.


Verde y

Of course, one of the other songs was, "quiero, quiero, quiero el bistec." I thought it was dumb too because I never wanted a steak.

The one phrase I can really still remember after two years of high school Spanish and four semesters in college is "me duele la cabeza" or "I have a headache".

"La cabeza, me duele la cabeza. La cabeza, llamarle el doctor."

OK, that's your Spanish lesson for the day. That's all I've got.


Parkerchica said…
Merrilee sang that color song in pre-k last year for a program. Good times.