I survived Christmas

Call me Scrooge. Call me the Grinch. But, I have to say that I am so glad that in four hours Christmas will have officially come and gone.

All went well this Christmas, but the holiday season has lost its shiny luster that it had as a child. At least it has for me. I think I was not the only one this year judging by the number of houses that were lit up this year.

Lots of factors weigh in on that, but who really needs to get into all that?

On Wednesday night, Mom, Dad and I went to see our annual movie. We go once a year - at Christmas. We saw The Blind Side which really was an awesome movie. A feel good movie. A movie with a happy ending. A movie without a love story or a bunch of smut.

Yesterday, Brian, Julie, Paige, Peyton, Madison, Layton and I gathered with my parents for lunch and our gift opening extravaganza.

I have my own frappachino machine now! YEA!!!

This morning, I got up and ate breakfast with my parents, then Mom and I went by Eula Mae's to take her something before heading up to Grandmother's.

Everyone was at my Grandmother's with the exception of Dad (sort of long story) and all of Brian and Julie's kids for 10 minutes, before Brian and Julie had to head back home for another gathering in the other direction. They had to leave right after Kyle and Annie got there. All the grandchildren actually made it this year into the obligatory picture out in the front yard where we had to stare at the sun, obligatorily.

Once Mom and I got back home, I helped her take down the Christmas tree (once the festivities are over, we are a family that takes the decorations on down).

I do have to say that the thing I am most thankful for this year is that I didn't put up any decorations, so now, I don't have to take any down and put them away. That's a huge pain.

Tomorrow, I'll have to post a picture of the grandkids and a funny story to go along with it. Maybe I can find a picture from about 10 years back to post with it. Not sure where it might be. Anyway, that's your tease.


RoCtasTick! said…
You're such a good writer! Also, I have an aunt named Eula Mae, I love the South. Merry New Year! -Rakia