I just got accused of being a coffee drinker

Posting the picture of me and my cousins will just have to wait. Someone just accused me of being a coffee drinker on Facebook. OK, Leslie, I guess I have become one. I really thought it would never happen. You don't know how many frappachinos it took me after the age of 30 before I could drink one without having major coffee shock.

And I thought to be a coffee drinker, you had to drink it hot. I don't drink anything hot unless it's been setting out of the refrigerator for too long.

The first step is denial, isn't it. I guess so because Jenny got me a Starbucks card for Christmas, and the main thing I asked for was a Mr. Coffee Cafe Frappe machine. I mean, without a Starbucks in Corsicana, and frappachinos being downright expensive, surely I can make them for cheaper. Julie commented when I opened it that I should save some money... unless I bought too much stuff to make them.

Excellent point, Julie. I had to go to Wal-Mart on a shopping expedition before I could make my first frappachino at home.

Mom got me the caramella flavored coffee, but I had to go get coffee filters (couldn't find the right size), caramel sauce, a can of whipped cream, some vanilla flavored creamer and more skim milk. Before you freak out saying, "CALORIES!", to my defense, it really wasn't that bad because I didn't use that much of any of said ingredients. Besides, even Bob lets the Biggest Losers use whip cream in a can on their 10 calorie Jello. (I bought some Jello too, but not for my frappachino, obviously.)

Believe me, my concoction was much lower calorie than the recipe that came with the machine. Each one called for 2-3 tablespoons of sugar along with ice cream and chocolate sauce. I got the creamer to add a little sweet, and added no sugar, and it was plenty sweet with the bit of caramel sauce mixed in, cuz you have to have caramel sauce just like Starbucks.

It probably took me 30 minutes to make it. I had to unpack the box, get all the plastic off and wash the thing before first use. (Then, I almost dropped the blades and the rubber ring out of the bottom down the garbage disposal in the sink. And I almost cut my finger on the blade to keep it from going down the disposal.) Then put it all back together, open the creamer, open the all this other stuff.

What you do is put your coffee and water in the top to brew and all your ice and good stuff in the bottom. You push the button, and it brews and blends all in 3 minutes.

Yahoo! Got the coffee brewing, then almost had myself a heart attack when the blending began. You know any blender is loud, especially when it's attacking ice cubes. I knew it would come on, but wasn't expecting it at that second with that intensity. I was reading some other instructions and jumped about a foot in the air.

Wonderful - it's all blended and ready. I got ready to poor it into a glass and it was stuck solid. I give it a little shake, it all comes loose and makes a mess, all over the cabinet, all over the floor.

I get it washed up. I shake, shake, shake the whipped cream and get ready to put it on top. Well, when I pushed the nozzle, it went everywhere. I probably need to look in the mirror and see if it is in my hair. Clean up that mess and finally have my frappachino.

It's pretty good, but it will take practice to get all the proportions really right. Practice makes perfect, and since I have my own machine, I'll have plenty of chances, I guess.

So, Angie come on over, we'll make a frappahcinos and catch up!