Will it snow?

It's cold in Texas. Imagine that!

Three of my co-workers that live further north of here were all admiring snowflakes yesterday. The rest of us witnessed rain. BUT, some people saw snowflakes before Christmas!

And the weather people are calling for more snow by the weekend. And snow in Houston at that! To me, this seems very strange for December. The last time we saw real snow, it was in April a few years ago because Texas weather is just that wacky. Normally, if we are going to get sleet, snow, slain, sneet or anything like that, it's in February or maybe March.

Just for the history buffs or weather geeks that may be reading this rather pointless blog tonight, 33 years ago, it snowed within the first half of November - a good bit I am told. One of my uncles had to volunteer to have tire chains ready in case my mom went into labor with me.

An author I work with wrote a children's fantasy book focusing on the weather. In a Q&A, he basically said that while people usually think that chatting about the weather is a minor deal, it's actually a much bigger conversation. In the context of what he was talking about, this is true.

However, on my blog tonight, it's just pointless ramblings so that I won't go three days without a blog entry.

So... will it snow, will it snow, will it snow?