The Best Valentine's Gift Ever

The best Valentine's Day gift ever came from some kid at church. But I will have to get back to that in minute. A few updates first.

I promised a few days ago to get to my cat story, but eh, it's kind of old now and not much to it. Spot brought a couple of friends over and one in particular was pretty noisy. Thankfully, they have taken their party elsewhere - away from my bedroom window, so that's all I really have to say about that.

Since I wrote my "what have I gotten myself into entry" a few days ago, I have already bowed out of the play. That might be a blog entry for another time.

Every Sunday night at church, the kids start off at the front and the preacher goes through this devo deal with the kids: doing facts/scripture references, singing a couple of songs and one of the little boys saying a prayer. It all commences with the preacher handing out Smarties to the kids. That tradition started with the last preacher. Ferman would on occasion give out chocolate, but it had to be very special occasion. That after all would make the children hyper and make a mess on the pews.

Part of the regular routine usually includes the preacher getting off track on his books of the Bible (sorry, had to tattle on Sam there), but always concludes the same. "I have three questions." This is the part I particularly dread.

"What is the definition of success?"

"LIVE YOUR LIFE SO YOU GO TO HEAVEN," all the children respond.

"What is the definition of failure?"


At this point, dear readers, I do realize you think that I am a terrible, hedonistic, person. Of course, these are worthy questions that you want to emphasize with the kids. I'm with the program so far. It's the third question that makes me inwardly groan every time. OK, I admit, my groan has grown audible at times.

"When you grow up, who are you going to marry?"


Now, don't get me wrong. I agree in theory. In practicality. I, however, am a 33 year old single woman. Part of me just asks, "must you pressure these children about marriage at a young age? It's not so simple to just say you are going to grow up and get married." While I know 95% of the children there, if not more, will someday marry, and should indeed marry a Christian, what about the one who doesn't and remembers this weekly declaration?

But God bless one child in particular among the crowd tonight. If I only knew who this one child was, I'd give him a big pound bag of M&Ms next Sunday evening. This smart young man says something like, "but not everybody gets married."

I restrained myself from yelling, "AMEN!!!" louder than "Hoot" or anyone else has every said "Amen" during a sermon.

"You're right, not everybody does get married. But if you do, you have to be smart about it," Sam replies.

This young man was evidently more interested than having a truck than a wife. Sam did assure him that he could have both when he grew up. Ah, Sam, just let the kid have his truck.

I can't believe it took this long (we've had this question every Sunday night for years now) for one child to speak up about singleness. It really made my Valentine's Day.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, my weekend consisted of spending time with two of my girlfriends. We single ladies must stick together and be each other's dates when there are no guys around. Women can do that you know, be OK with going out together and talk about not needing a guy on the most ridiculous holiday of the year.

I'm ready to call it a night. I'll share my Valentine's weekend with you tomorrow night. Happy Valentine's Day Rakia and Jenny!


Pam said…
Lol at the kid! I agree, sounds like they don't need to be worrying about marriage yet. I have a 17 year old that I hope is not ready to think of marriage for years!
Emily Conrad said…
What a great Valentine's gift! This is my first time at your blog, and I was laughing out loud (I know, I know, it's cooler to just say lol, but if a little boy can protest marriage - not that I blame him;) - I can protest lol, right?)

Thanks for a great post. :)
Audra Jennings said…
Emily - thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your visits here. I haven't had much going on other than working lately, so I haven't been blogging funny stuff lately, but I certainly try.

Poseidon - Quit being a SPAMMER! No one like s SPAMMER. And what would a kid do with a crystal engraved gift anyway?