Restoration Road

New book offers answers to postmoderns searching for authenticity

Restoration is truly humanity’s deepest desire. From the third chapter of Genesis through the last word of Revelation, the Bible shows us God’s plan to restore what was damaged in the garden. But becoming a believer in Christ does not magically undo all the destruction in a life; it is only the beginning of God’s restoration process.

In Restoration Road, authors Mitch Kruse and Derek Williams take readers on a journey that reconnects them with the deep, inborn desire to live a life of authenticity, which is made possible only when we allow God to restore us from the inside out. As a former world-renowned auctioneer specializing in high-end, rare and classic cars, Kruse imagines each individual life as a master-crafted vehicle that has fallen into disrepair.

“To be restored means to be made new again. Every person, from the CEO to the blue collar worker, the stay-at-home mom to the high school student, struggles with some old patterns of thought and behavior that need to change. The question is, how do we restore what’s old in our lives—the rust that has formed on our purer motivations, the dings that have appeared in our passion for the good, the faded paint of our resolve to love God with all our hearts—to its authentic, original state?”

The answer, Kruse says, lies in our willingness to completely surrender our broken lives, to recognize our great need for God’s redeeming touch and take those first steps down the road to restoration. But this is easier said than done. Restoration Road takes readers step-by-step through the process, drawing on both biblical examples and moments from Kruse’s own restoration journey.

Restoration is a matter of the heart, and Kruse says there are two heart conditions that prevent us from experiencing it. Some of us have sand hearts. Our lawlessness leaves us scattered and difficult to form. Others have stone hearts, so hardened by legalism and the illusion of self-sufficiency that reshaping them requires the use of a severe tool. Restoration happens, Kruse says, when we develop a heart of clay, softened by love and easily reshaped by the hands of its gracious Designer.

Though Restoration Road addresses the universal human condition and will connect with all kinds of readers, Kruse’s experience on his own restoration road will speak especially to men. After becoming the youngest auctioneer and Realtor in the world, Kruse embarked on a different restoration road. He was determined to restore his family’s failed high-end auction business and become a billionaire by the age of 40. But he discovered that his veneer of success concealed the heart of a man who put tasks ahead of people, whose deepest desires were not being met. Kruse now holds both graduate and doctoral degrees from Trinity Theological Seminary and has served as both a teaching pastor and a guest speaker for high profile organizations around the world.

At its heart, Restoration Road is a book about mending broken relationships. When we find the proper vertical alignment (between ourselves and God), the horizontal alignment (between ourselves and others) naturally begins to fall into place. With an accompanying study guide and DVD, Restoration Road is designed for groups and individuals, whether stone-hearted or sand-hearted, who have yet to surrender to Christ.

Restoration Road by Mitch Kruse with Derek Williams
Credo Communications/March 2010
ISBN: 978-1-935391-31-9/316 pages/hardcover/$24.99
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