My Valentine's weekend

Having been pre-occupied and tied up with other things on recent weekends, I was so glad to have this one free to enjoy myself.

I had been trying to connect with Rakia for a while, so my bright idea was to meet her at Northpark Mall - actually at the Cheesecake Factory next to the mall because, well, duh, CHEESECAKE. But, this weekend in Dallas was NBA All-Star weekend. As I was stuck amidst the traffic on Central Expressway trying to get to Northpark, I heard that Kobe Bryant was sighted at the mall. Good grief, was this the issue?

Traffic was horrible, and Rakia made it to the restaurant to find the wait was far from worth it. I had missed my turn into the right parking lot, so had to take a Magellan route to try to meet her. We decided as stuck as I was, and as stuck as she was that I would just turn around in the cemetery within my sights and wait for her. There's nothing like meeting up with someone at the cemetery, I tell you!

We decided to head away from that madness and she somehow passed me on the road and had to track back to another meeting point. We ended up at Red Lobster where our waiter very eerily reminded me of a guy I used to know, and I tried not to look at him. He probably thought I was nuts and wondered what he did wrong. Or possibly, he didn't notice at all.

Rakia says that she saw three different guys stare at me as they walked in. I want to know 1) how I missed that, 2) were they good looking and 3) did I have something on my face or something?

We contemplated going to a movie, but we each X'd too many off the list and couldn't decide on anything. We instead wondered through at Tuesday Morning and Half Price Book Store. Turns out, Kobe Bryant (or was it LeBron James?) really was at Northpark. Rakia's brother confirmed one or the other or both were there.

Jenny wasn't able to go with me to Dallas. She had promised to house sit and take care of some dogs (one with a bladder control issue) for a friend. BUT... I knew she was good for seeing Valentine's Day Sunday night after church.

I wanted to see and did end up drooling over McDreamy (who ended up being a giant cheater) and McSteamy (who ended up being gay). Shame on both of them! It was funny without being stupid and believe it or not, was not overly gooey. And, there was a character who was a hopelessly single publicist who threw "I hate Valentine's" parties. I could relate.

I do feel sorry for those sitting around Jenny and I because we were a bit chatty during the previews and did have comments during the movie. But, we have to have our moments like that.

So, that's what I did with two of my best girlfriends for Valentine's. Who needs love?