What have I gotten myself into?

I'll save the "how am I going to get rid of these cats?" blog for tomorrow night.

Tonight, I am wondering what I have gotten myself into. A week or two ago, I asked Jenny if she was going to try out for the latest play at the local theater. I was going to go to the audition, but firmly believed she would end up with the part, and I would end up in the audience.

Up until this point, I've sworn that the director hated me for some reason and wouldn't cast me as a corpse. Jenny and I have tried out for a number of plays. She's made a few and I've made none. I'm not saying that I should have made the others, but the director loves Jenny - if I get there first, it's "where is Jenny?"

Anyway, Jenny had to back out of going to the audition last night because of a night class. I almost backed out because I figured it would stress me out to try to memorize lines right now and that I wouldn't make it anyway. I went because I told the director the revised, earlier performance dates would work better for me when she took a survey.

The play is entitled "The Dixie Swim Club" and follows 5 women who were on a college swim team together through a few reunions. They start at age 44 in the first scene and end at age 77 in the last.

I didn't pick up a script to read beforehand like I should have. There were only four people there last night, and I was told to read the part of Vernadette. The scene didn't have many lines and to be honest with you, I was clueless as to what was going on at this point. It wasn't until further into the scene that I realized I was senile and didn't know what was going on. Appropriate, huh?

Well, we were in and out of there quickly. The director had other people that were supposed to read for her. I didn't think any of it went well. Up until 3:00 this afternoon, I was telling everyone who had commented to me on Facebook I was positive I was not in and that I had given up on auditioning at the theater.

I checked my email a few minutes later, and BOOM there was my name on the cast list.

Now, I have to memorize lines. At least if I forget something at the end, it will be fitting of the part. Thank goodness!

I'll keep you posted on how it goes. It should be interesting - and a lot of fun!


Anonymous said…
Oh, fun! Wow! Never underestimate yourself or the things that are coming your way! Good luck!!!!