So, that was it, huh?

(WARNING: This is blog post is slightly spastic.)

Maybe I'm a rebel. I don't care anything about watching the Oscars or the Super Bowl.

As an art student, I remember one of our teachers assigning us to watch the introduction to the Academy Awards one semester. There was supposed to be something extraordinary about the opening.

My minor in college was advertising, so while I was at UNT, our assignment was to watch the Super Bowl for the commercials which we would be discussing that week in class. I'm not sure that I did that assignment, to tell you the truth. Ah, I think I did watch some.

Any-who, I care not about watching the Super Bowl. I hate football. I don't care if is the thing to do. I wasn't invited to a Super Bowl party (not that I was hoping for an invite to one), and goodness knows there wasn't going to be anything on TV. I wasn't going to sit around all night waiting to see the big, controversial Tim Tebow commercial which I believe came on while I was at church, or maybe getting ready for church.

So, I talked my mom into going and seeing Dear John. I had planned on doing something this weekend fun and involving getting out of the house. I didn't work it out for yesterday, so I figured going after church was a good enough time.

With a little time to spare, Mom and I went to CVS to get snacks before the movie and pack them into my B.O.B. (I borrow the term from someone else - big ol' bag). Even the woman checking us out at CVS could tell what we were doing. Why I'm throwing this part into my story, I really don't know. Other than to admit that my dinner tonight was just Milk Duds because that's what you have at a movie.

Now, to the movie itself. Being based on a Nicholas Sparks book, I had read the book before. Twice actually. I know how the story goes, but I guess I thought it might end a little differently. It did end differently from the book, but I didn't realize the movie as a whole was going to be such a downer. One could actually say that if you were pulling for John that the movie did have a happier ending than the book. I give you that.

Don't get me wrong, staring at Channing Tatum for an hour and 42 minutes was worth the price of admission and definitely beat a House Hunters International marathon at home. I just walked out feeling, BLEH.

Still glad I went though. I much preferred going to a movie with my mom to watching "the big game" tonight.

OK, so I get home, decide I really should make myself do a little blogging and say, "I went to a movie and walked out a bit depressed." That was my intention.

So, I log on, figure I better find out who won the big game so that I won't be the most clueless person in America, and then see a link to the controversial commercial all the world was anticipating. The one I had read about. The one I had heard about. The one that was supposed to be so offensive by the pro-choice of the world.

After 30 seconds, my immediate reaction was, "That was it!?!?"

Focus on the Family sure got their money worth on the pre-publicity because in my opinion, they would have gotten nothing out of the 30 seconds they actually paid air time for.

As a PR professional, the publicity was golden, perhaps even platinum. Had I created that commercial in an advertising class, I don't think I would have been able to pull off an A for the semester. Without a doubt, it got people talking and served it's purpose. Maybe that was the point all along. In that case, it was genius.

Like the movie though, I just expected a little something different.

Was was there to be offended about? Oh, wait, I do think a mother calling her grown son "Timmy" is offensive, at least to him.


Parkerchica said…
Entertaining post! The kids and I skipped the superbowl, also. It's pledge drive time on PBS, so it was Celtic Women and a David Foster special. They loved it. Poor Miles. Matt will have to intervene soon.
Audra Jennings said…
Yes, poor Miles may need an intervention!
Pam said…
I tried to hide out in a different part of the house while Bryan watched the superbowl. Of course my son sat in the room with him and talked through it so I'm not sure how much he got to watch. haha!