Happy Easter!

I had a nice, relatively uneventful weekend. Friday, I tried to do a little bit of work catch up since I'm on vacation this week before going over to my parents to hang out with the girls. I beat Paige at Scrabble by one point.

Peyton got annoyed with her sister and decided to come over to my house Friday night, so we had a boring Friday night together, but she is always fun to spend time with. They both are - even when Paige is singing about having mad cow disease - she's not quite right sometimes.

Before they went home yesterday, Paige and I played Scrabble again where she beat me royally. That one word that wasn't even a real word that I let her play wasn't what got me beat. (I had already protested too many times, and decided to let it go.) Scrabble is a good game to play to learn to spell since many words are not spelled phonetically like kids are taught these days.

After playing Scrabble, I used the tiles to teach Peyton how to spell her middle name, so the big achievement of the past several days is spelling Kathleen. She's so excited.

Yesterday afternoon, Jenny and I went up to Dallas to look for her mom a birthday present. We went to Northpark mall where, so help me, I couldn't afford a thing. Even the employees of Bath & Body works wore black and were stuck up.

I don't get out much, I realize, but oh, my. The way some people dress in public, especially the more affluent who were amongst the shoppers, puzzles me. Whew. I almost saw way too much of way too many people.

This morning after church, we went out to lunch where I tried to get an Easter picture. Peyton was trying to hug her sister and make a nice picture. Paige was less than cooperative.