Those pesky chirpy birds

One of my goals over the next week is to actually get to blog. I'm on vacation for the next week and will probably not be away for much of it, so hope to have some creative time.

I also hope to sleep late. Except that was hindered this morning. I don't know how many trains made their way down the tracks this morning. As if that weren't enough, there were these chirpy birds making quite a bit of noise.

Well, I left the house to run an errand, and low and behold, I identify the chirpy birds. Every spring for the past, I'm not even sure how many years, a pair of the same kind of birds appear at my house. These have to be the great grandchildren of the original pair and come to this specified place to fulfill the family legacy. They are loud, they are aggressive, and they make a mess by building mud nests on my patio. Always in exactly one of two places.

My back door is my main means of entrance/exit from my house. One side is open, and the other three sides are surrounded by house. It's probably about 7 x 9 foot, and all of it is covered by roof.

I'm not totally non-bird friendly, but birds have been known to find stop in this enclosed space. If you walk up to it and a bird is in there, they tend to fly in circles and freak out. During the fall/winter, it's not unusual for a small, peaceful bird to come sleep every night. I don't mind him, and he doesn't mind me. He's been doing that for years - or his great-grand offspring.

It's these obnoxious birds that I mind. They would dive bomb you if given half the chance. They are the reason I have a plastic owl hanging from a nail on my patio like some trashy crazy woman. The owl has scared them off before. They don't really mind him today. (The little peaceful bird will sleep right above the owl - for protection, I guess).

In the past, I've taken wasp spray to spray down the area they were building their nest in. I've even tried to spray them with wasp spray as they retreat to the cable line that goes to the house next door, just across the fence.

It's enough to almost want "Spot in the Pot" and how loud feline friends to make a visit, and you know how they disturbed my sleep.

Just now, as I was about to hit the "publish post" button, they came back. Any suggestions?