I'm just sayin'...

And tonight's feature is:

I'm just sayin'...

...I can now watch Dancing with the Stars again. Not that I'm really that into it this season.

...on Survivor last night, J.T. got exactly what he deserved for being stupid. How does it feel that Rupert was right and you were WRONG? As much as I depise Parvati (what kind of name is that anyway?), that was a genious move handing off the two immunity idols. Way to show up Russell Hantz (why does he have to talk about himself in the third person using his full name?). Heroes... you better figure out how to bring Sandra on over.

...no one should reasonably have Lady Gaga as your ringtone on your phone. This is especially true if you are over 55 years old.

...Vladimir Gurerro isn't so awesome now that he plays for the Rangers, is he Dad? Two words... Nelson Cruz.

...there is no telling what time I will get up tomorrow. I've been tired for a week and didn't sleep last night. Pretty sure that loud train and the cat I heard sometime in the night screeching didn't help. The birds better not be back in the morning.

...crap. I said what I did about Vlad because he was batting. Now Vlad hit a home run and I have to take back what I said for the moment.

...I'm not getting out of the house and heading towards a certain section of town tomorrow. Derrick Days is more of a pain than anything positive, in my opinion.

...is it time for Say Yes to the Dress to come on? Those crazy brides just puzzle me, but are highly entertaining.

...I will turn over the Ranger game if Jim Sundberg and the Elvis impersonator start singing again.

...all Elvis impersonators are cheezy.

...that's all I got because I'ma bout to fall asleep. Please add your own comments. That should be fun.