I have to be on my best behavior

This week, I have to be on my best behavior at the t-ball fields. I yelled too much on Friday night.

No, I didn't yell at the umpire, even though she didn't know a foul ball from a fair most of the time. And, no, my brother didn't get after me for yelling. And, no, my parents didn't tell me that I was yelling too much either. The people around me weren't annoyed either.

I was just trying to help out the team by saying, "touch any orange or any base." Sound advice - even my dad thought so. But, I made Peyton nervous.

Brian usually does the telling her where the play is. (He can be rough in his instruction.) I was just trying to be the friendly voice of where to get the out. I usually have a scorebook in my hands and am focused that way. Or running the scoreboard and the scorebook and don't have a chance to yell.

We'll my advice was not well received. I wish I had pictures of the look Miss Peyton gave me the look from the pitcher's circle telling me be quiet or gesturing that she knew what to do. During the last inning, I changed where I was standing - the game was going past time limit because of a tie. Brian had to go over to get ready for Paige's game and the other coaches weren't very vocal.

"The play's at the plate."

Peyton looks at me. Stern look on her face. Points my direction. Then, puts her finger to her lips.


She told me later what made her nervous. I promised to do not do it next time. Come Thursday night when she plays again, I have to be on my best behavior.

I'll save it for Paige's game - I have permission to yell over at that field. :)