Furniture finally in place

My new furniture arrived two weeks ago. Last weekend I finally got it all in place. I never did tell you about the night it finally arrived.

The delivery people that Jenny and I arranged to bring our furntiture were set to bring it on Tuesday - the first day the warehouse was open to get Jenny's furniture after we bought it on Saturday. Around noon, Jenny made the first call to see when they were coming. Between 3-6 they say. "We'll call when we're headed your way."

OK. At 5, we could stand it no more. Jenny called again. "You have to udnerstand ma'am, there's traffic and..." I call the store to see if they can tell if either my order from the store hers from the warehouse have been picked up. NOPE!

I call the guy, "ma'am, you have to understand there is traffic and... We're pulling into the store parking lot right now. We'll call you when we are headed your way."

More time passes. We call again - still stuck in line at the warehouse they say. I finally convince Jenny to come on over so we can wait it out together. At 8 PM, they finally call to say they are headed our way. After 9 PM, they finally arrived. Yeah, that's worse than the cable guy and his window of time. RIDICULOUS!!! And they had a cargo van pulling a box trailer. Not even a real moving van. Jenny voiced her "I wouldn't recommend these people to my enemies" complaint to the store, but I refrained even though I shouldn't have. The guy gave me some business cards to pass along to my friends.

So, the following Saturday, my dad came over to help me get a cabinet, then my entertainment center out of my living room. My neighbor had a bathroom flood a week before, so I realized my carpet had been wet when I started clearing things out the weekend I bought the furniture, getting ready for it's arrival. When we moved it out, the particle board entertainment center was very wet on the bottom, rotted and covered with green, black and white mold and mildew. The carpet was also nasty. The spot has since been spot cleaned by both me and Rainbow, but I'm still not convinced it took care of the problem.

With all of that, it took a week to get the furniture all arranged the way I wanted it. I still have some stuff that was sitting on top of the entertainment center (and in it for that matter) that needs to be boxed up for a garage sale. It's sitting on my dining room table still.

Here are some pictures of my old furniture in my living room. The latest arrangement was a little bit different than here. In fact, this was a couple of years ago (when I thought I was going to buy a house) and the computer was in the other room. I thought something was missing in this picture! I got my computer desk as a consolation purchase when the house thing didn't work out.

And here is the current arrangement with my new furniture.


Virginia said…
I love it!!! I think my walls are just a little darker green than your walls are. (the solid green ones anyway.)
I am LOVING the new furniture...we have very similar tastes!
Hank said…
New furniture arrangement is indeed nicely and I just love the new outlook. Although old ones are not out of the contest, at some years back I'm sure those were the trendy collection for home decoration.