No buyer's remorse allowed

You know all my whining about wanting a purple couch? Well, I've thought about it for a year and a half. Today, Jenny and I had to go watch Toy Story 3. Instead of watching a "children's movie" we instead were quite the independent adults that we are and bought furniture.

We went to the Room Store in Mesquite. I looked at this, looked at that. Turned the corner, and boom! Clearance, floor model set of purple living room furniture.  A set on sale. Couch, love seat, coffee table, two end tables and two lamps. That left a chair and ottoman that they gave me a really good deal on in hopes that one day I'll get to move to a bigger place where it will all fit better than it will once it gets here.

I'm blocking out the fact of the amount of money I spent, but know that I will love it when it gets here on Tuesday. My car will be paid for in 3 months, so I'll route my money to pay off the furniture next. My couch really is broken that I have now. Really. Seriously. It is! And plus, I couldn't pass on another set of purple furniture and not get it. I've regretted it for a year since the furniture store here in town sold the last set I found.

Jenny has had the same set of bedroom furniture since she was like 10 and thinks it came from an estate sale or something. She's 32 now. And haven't you heard the radio ads for Sleep Expert? The weight of your mattress doubles every 8 years from dust mites, skin oil, sweat and skin cells. YUCK. She settled on a really good deal for a bedroom set.

Of course, it took a half an act of Congress to arrange to have the furniture delivered down here from a furniture moving company since they wouldn't deliver mine since it was a floor model.

I'll take pictures and post as soon as it arrives Tuesday. We couldn't get it Monday because the warehouse that Jenny's furniture is being picked up from is closed on Monday.

In the meantime, I may not be able to sleep tonight. Not from excitement. Not from buyer's remorse. From trying to figure out where I am going to put my current furniture.

A long table I love (actually a low sitting entertainment center) probably needs to go in the bedroom, but that means I'll have to rearrange my bedroom again. I need to get rid of an old TV cart (that I've needed to get rid of) in my spare room so that I can move my chaise into that room - at least until my mom may find a place for it at her house. She'd like to have it. I'm hoping to have a room big enough to have it in my bedroom one day. Then there's a tall storage cabinet I have had since high school that I really could part with to make more room in the living room. *Sigh*

I'll be moving furniture in my sleep. I just know it.