New blogger in the family?

My nine year old niece, Paige, recently got her own email address. This adds to the comedic factor of my life because reading her emails is hilarious.

Paige and Peyton have been in Wyoming with their mom and various family members this past week. While they have been away, Paige has been sending daily updates of their time away. It reminds me a lot of my own scrapbook entries or the stories I would tell while blogging. Becuase I havne't been up to much lately, I'll share Paige's tales with you.

To update you on the cast of Paige's emails, their aunt Courtney was up there for a few days. Their other grandparents have been up there part of the time. Their step-father (Steve) and his daughter and husband are also mentioned in some of the entries. 

(All entries are copied and pasted from the originals, complete with their original spelling. Paige's emails in blue, my commentary in red.)

Monday of vacation

Well yesterday went a little wild at the airport, well as soon as we got there and got on a plane. We went Dallas to Tulsa to Denver on the same palane then got kicked off going Denver to Salt Lake because it was full flight. Dallas to Tulsa I sat between hairy talks alot and scary with an accent Tusla to Denver throwup girl then at 4:45 we were of to Salt Lake. We checked one of our bags but beet it to the airport. We were going to stay at a hotel but ended up renting a car and driving 3 hours to Edna, Wyoming and spent the night at the house that was Monday of our vacatoin you will get a update everyday.

Hugs and Kisses, Paige

I'm counting my many blessings not to have been on those Southwest Airlines flights. Whew! The only person I ever remember flying next to was a guy who wore his Dulce and Gabbana sunglasses the entire flight because I think he was hung over or just trying to be as flaming as he had to be to be wearing D&G sunglasses. I take that back. I remember a rather chatty flight next to someone, but I can't talk about that.
Tuesday of vacation
Courtney, Mommy, and Pepe had cereal for breakfast {I had nothing}. We got up and went to Jackson Hole about 30 minutes away, then we dropped off the rental car at the Jackson Hole airport. After that we ate at Mountain High Pizza Pie and had what do you know pizza!!!! The 2nd funnest place was the Alpine slide and went mini golfing witch was on the place were we skied the year before the snow cover all of it it up after that me court and pepe went to see Despicable Me it was soooo good while mommy went shopping for groceries then went back home and Steve got home at 1:30.

Hugs and Kisses from Wyoming
The "I had nothing" is so Paige. The child eats chicken, rolls, french toast and maybe hamburgers if it's just meat and cheese. I can't believe of all words to spell correctly, she spelled despicable. That is spelled right isn't it?
Wednesday of Vacatoin
Well today was a lakey day we were at lakes all day. First we went to a little lake and skipped rocks that was fun! Then we went on a little hike up a mountain.After that we went to another lake and had a picnic on the tail end of the truck and then went home.Around 3:45 we went to the grocery store and the hardware store and went home played monopoly and stayed up really late. As you know Granna and Paw-Pawl in the middle of the night in Amarillo a drunk driver hit them but they were o.k. all the airbags went of so there really sore all of our toys games and there suitcases it was all o.k. except the deer lamp and the car the whole driver side is banged up glass is everywhere the suspect ( drunk driver) will have handcuffs on sooner or later. They got everything out and are renting a car and are on there way. Wow someone is defiantly watching over us!

Hugs and Misses, Paige

Thankfully they were definitely and defiantly being watched over. I love Paige! :)
Thursday of Vacatoin

Well since the wreck it was a do nothing day first thing we just road around in the jeep then I stayed home while they went to get lunch That night we went to a lake in Alpine. Peyton Steve Mom and Court got in and Steve and Peyton were racing who could go farther well Pepe fell in the water with clothes so she sat on the picnic table with only pantees rapped up in a blanket then we roasted weenies and marshmallow's had had a fire after Pepe's shirt dried she ran around in shirt and pantees I thought it would be fun to throw a marshmallow around then it ended up being marshmallow ball and shovel bat! Granna and Paw-pawl got home at 3:30A.M. Court left at 6:00A.M

Hugs and Wishes, Paige
Well, after two days it's "vacatoin". Peyton tends to race people everywhere, and it always ends in a fall. The weekend before at my parents' house she busted her knee trying to race Paige (who wasn't racing Peyton) to the car, and she thought she broke it.
Friday of Vacatoin
Today first we went to the Teton mountains and went on a tram and went to the tip top of the mountain then I had a world famous cinnamon sugar waffle it was awesomly good. There was a little bit of snow and Peyton throw a snowball in my eyeafter that we put are feet in the Jenny Lake and then went to Jackon and ate ice cream well my first ice cream was 4.ft tall then dropped the top of it on the concrete but got it filled up then went home and played Pictionary.


Thank goodness the child ate something! I was afraid she was going to wither away. She'll eat waffles. I forgot to mention that. And it had to be plain vanilla soft serve ice cream. At four foot tall, it's no wonder it fell off.
Saturday of vacation
As soon as we got up we got ready to go rafting first we got fitted for jackets strapped the raft on the top of the truck and started to raft about 1 hr. down the river we stopped to have a little picnic then we hit some rapids and Peyton liked them until we hit the Big Kahuna and Peyton got water up her nose then didn't like it so much after that we got off around 5:00 then we went home and played pictionary and Amanda and Arthur got here around 10:00

Hugs and Kisses,Paigey-bob
Sunday of Vacatoin
Today we went to Yellowstone National Park and our first stop was Flagg Ranch to eat then we went to some mud pots at the mud pots. On our way to the upper and lower falls there was Buffalo's everywhere and me Pepe sang no no don't lick the buffalo!!!!!! Then all these cars had stopped on the side of the road so so did we and got out the binoculars and there was a grizzly bear and her three cubs on the other side of the river it was the coolest thing I've ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The upper and lower fall s was the most scarreist thing i had ever seen we had to climb so high I almost past out. Then we were headed to Old Faithfull and there was a Antalope the water that came out of Old Faithfull was so high the sign sayed it was 190 ft. tall that was pretty cool to then we ate at Old Faithfull Inn and got home at 12:20.

Hugs and Wishes, Paige

I can so see her almost passing out! I can only imagine them singing the licking the buffalo song. I'll have to tell you about that song in a minute.
 Me to Paige:

The question is... were all verses of the buffalo song sung during this trip? Because, "where, oh, where is the bear?" seems extremely appropriate in this situation as well.

Soon, soon, I'll see you soon! Tell Earl I miss her too!


(PS - I've never gotten to see Old Faithful. I'm kind of jealous.)

Paige back to me:

Everybody sayes hi and you grammal and pops need to go on ya'll next vacation

PS I've been watching american's got talent and so you think you can dance

I haven't heard from her today - I think she is on the way home. She cracks me up!

OK, I have to now share the buffalo song she refers to. This is my bad aunt influence on the children. About 7 years ago, I went with my parents to Gatlinburg, TN. We stayed up in the cabin in the mountains, and as we drove winding roads around the mountains, Dad was always talking about wanting to see a bear. "While I'm up here, I want to see a bear," he kept going on and on.

So, I'd been in the car too long, and even as an adult, I can get a bit goofy in the car. I start singing a little droaning ditty, "Where, oh, where is the bear? Where, oh where is the bear?" This instantly has my mother groaning for me to stop. My dad finds it funny which is all the encouragement I needed for a second verse. "Soon, soon, we'll see a racoon. Soon, soon, we'll see a racoon."

Well, our wildlife search was pretty futile. It resulted in, "Earl, Earl, there's a squirrel! Earl, Earl, there's a squirrel!"

I taught Peyton this song one day in the car, and told her that after going to South Dakota, I added a new verse, "Whoa, Whoa, there's a buffalo." Peyton decided to change the verse, and for some reason, as a then five year old, she turns it into, "don't lick the buffalo." I told her I didn't have to worry about that because the buffalo I saw were gross.

So, as much as Paige and Peyton usually bicker, it tickles my heart to know that the sisters sang a duo of  "no, no, don't lick the buffalo." As much as Peyton loves to sing my stupid little song, I'm sure she drove her family crazy.