God Knows My Name... and He knows yours too!

Finding Acceptance, Love, and Worth
Redman helps women find their true worth
in the eyes of the Father who knows their names

In a society that defines worth by material possessions, professional success, and physical beauty, it is often difficult to feel worthy of God’s love and forgiveness. Sometimes, those who are closest to us, even parents and siblings, can deeply damage our hearts by rejecting the person God has created us to be in Him. God Knows My Name: Never Forgotten, Forever Loved is Beth Redman’s confident declaration that believers do not have to bow beneath these feelings of rejection and worthlessness.

Redman readily recognizes that no matter how good and whole we are, there are days when we all feel misunderstood, blamed, forgotten, and rejected. She wants readers to recognize these feelings for what they truly are—the enemy’s attempt to make us feel anonymous, illegitimate, and unfit to be recognized by our Heavenly Father. In the face of the world’s damaging message, Redman boldly declares that if we are God’s child, He has lovingly called us and chosen us for His glory. God bestows great worth and significance upon His children, and it is within His grace alone we will find meaning and purpose.

Evangelist and author Beth Redman shares her heart through poignant, vulnerable stories from her own life when she experienced the rejection of her father. Using scripture and tender assurances of God’s love, God Knows My Name reminds readers that God created them and loves them deeply despite their flaws and failures. Redman wants readers to know with certainty that God’s love is not the whimsical, uncertain love that is often shown to us by our earthly family and friends, but a deep, unfailing love that allows us to find our sense of worth in Him despite what others think about us. This encouraging book lets readers know that they are not alone in their struggles and that they are significant to God because He has chosen them for His glory.

Redman takes the reader through the truths found in God’s Word to show them that are known intimately by God. Not only is He our Creator, but He knows our pasts, our choices, and even our future. Loving His children unconditionally, God helps and defends us from the enemy’s lies throughout every event of our lives and wraps us in the assurance of His unfailing and eternal love. Redman wants women to know that God’s Word allows them to know and love God as intimately as they are already known and loved by Him.

Ultimately, we are not defined by what others think of us when they hear our names, or what our earthly parents say about us. Instead, we find definition in the authority and power and compassion of the God who loves us. It’s time we heard His voice the loudest.

God Knows My Name: Never Forgotten, Forever Loved

by Beth Redman
David C Cook/July 1, 2010
ISBN 978-0-7814-0365-8
188 pages/softcover/$14.99

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