A cute, funny series by Renee Riva

I'm trying to get caught up on all my book reviews. I'm really behind on posting about my latest reads. After working the book release on Heading Home by Renee Riva, I decided to go back and buy the first two books in the series that I hadn't worked on.

These are really cute, funny, light-hearted books good for all ages - young and old alike. A.J. Degulio is a spunky, energetic young girl that you see grow up from age 10 to 18 throughout the three books. Think My Big Fat Greek Wedding Italian-style. Oh, well, throw some Greek relatives in too.

I very highly recommend!

Saving Sailor

Saving Sailor: A NovelThe year is 1968. After spending the first half of summer vacation driving her Italian family crazy with her fake southern accent, 10-year old A.J. finds a soul mate on the other side of the island to divert her attention.

She is intrigued to learn that Danny shares her same burning desire to know God and realizes that few people her age think as deeply as the two of them do.

However, the depth of their newfound faith and friendship is soon tested when Danny's father betrays his wife.

Set in a simpler time, Saving Sailor is a heartwarming tale of how hearts can change and relationships can be restored with God's help.

Taking Tuscany

Taking Tuscany: A NovelA. J. Degulio loved the idea of a visit to the Old Country . until her family decided to stay. 

Now it's 1972 and she's turning fourteen in a crumbling castle on a hill in Tuscany, wishing she were back in Idaho with her beloved dog, Sailor. In Italy, her fair complexion and blonde hair makes her stick out like a vanilla wafer in a box of chocolate biscotti, and she's so lonely her best friend is a nun from the local convent. What's worse, her grandma's losing her marbles and Mama's going crazy over Uncle Nick's ugly blue villa, which she can see from every window.

The challenges of roots and relatives are nothing new to A. J.-you can read about the summer she turned ten in Saving Sailor-but factor in language, culture shock, and a bad case of homesickness, and A. J.'s going to need more than the famous Degulio sense of humor to survive. Can't anyone see that Italy isn't really home? It will take a catastrophe-and a few wise words from a friend-for A. J. to understand that sometimes the only thing you can change is your perspective.

Heading Home

Heading Home: A NovelShe's back! For eight long years, A.J. Degulio has been itching to get back to Indian Island, her beloved dog, Sailor, and her childhood friend, Danny Morgan. It's home. But a lot has changed. Sailor moves slower, Danny has grown into a six-foot-something good-lookin' cowboy . . . and A.J. has a promise to keep.which doesn't include Danny. When Danny hears of her plans, he's shocked and hurt. But he cares too much to stand in the way of what she really wants.

What's a girl to do? A.J. isn't sure how to fulfill her promise without losing Danny. She works every angle possible to keep her promise and her cowboy. But Danny has plans of his own. Will they be able to work it out? It will take compromise, laughter, and a lot of love before Danny and A.J. figure out that home isn't a place on the map. It's a place in the heart.