Reasons why I am thankful

  1. The cool front came through and it's no longer 80+ degrees in Texas.
  2. I won't have to cook a day and a half for one meal anytime soon.
  3. I have a nice peaceful home to come home to for some tranquility.
  4. There's no reason I should have to sit at the table and eat leftovers to a discussion on when the various generations of women in my family went through the change and the symptoms they had.
  5. Nothing against Aunt Eula Mae, but I'm thankful that my grandmother and both of her sisters weren't at my parents' house at the same time to have three differing recollections of their childhood to debate about.
  6. Anyone else that I am around this weekend will not be offended when I tell them that I've already heard that story in the past 24 hours.
  7. My parents are planning ahead to a vacation a year from now and a new tradition.
Of course, I'm truly thankful for so much more than that. So many things that count and a lot that don't amount to much. It's just these that I thought you might laugh at.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!