DiAnne Mills' Pursuit of Justice

Pursuit of Justice (Call of Duty)
About the book:

For centuries, the legend of the Spider Rock treasure has lured people to west Texas with promises of unimaginable Wealth. And it just claimed three more victims.

Did they fall prey to he legend's cruse or just get to close to someone else's discovery? To investigate the murders, the FBI calls in one its most promising up-and-comers-Special Agent Bella Jordan. What they don't know is that one of their prime suspects is deeply connect to the past she's been running from for fourteen years.

As Bella begins to sift through evidence, another murder and threats to her own live convinces her she's hunting an experienced killer...and he's not working alone. To catch the suspect before he catches her, Bella must draw on all her skill and instinct and finally gather the courage to face the memories she's tired so hard to forget.

Special Agent Bella Jordan is assigned to investigate a series of murders in West Texas that are linked to the Spider Rock Treasure. Since she spent the first fifteen years of her life in this area, FBI authorities believe she can get the job done. What they don’t know is that one of their prime suspects—a man who’s been on their wanted list for years—is deeply connected to Bella’s past.

The other prime suspect is Carr Sullivan, the man who owns the ranch where the murders occurred. Carr was once one of the wealthiest businessmen in Dallas and has a shady past a mile long. But it appears he’s turned his life around. Can Bella trust him, or is he just trying to cover his tracks?

As Bella probes deeper into the case, threats on her own life convince her the killer is someone she knows. But it soon becomes clear he’s not working alone, and she’ll need to face the past she’s tried so desperately to forget in order to solve the case and prevent more murders.

My review:

I didn't realize when I asked for Pursuit of Justice that it was book #3 in the Call of Duty series. But, you can read this book without feeling like you missed something. I just found out when I went to the Tyndale Fiction website that the other two books had other leading ladies. So, don't worry about reading all the books in the series if this one sounds interesting to you.

DiAnn Mills leads readers through solving a murder, keeping them guessing about who is really involved right to the end. At least she had me guessing. I didn't really expect one of the people involved.

I did think there were a few things missing from the story. If the legend of the Spider Rock treasure was such a big deal, I would have thought more people would have thrown in their knowledge of what they had heard over the years. I thought that could have been built up more.

The story moved a little slow at times - I wanted more action. And I didn't buy the romance. Would an FBI Agent really be taken with a suspect so quickly? You know that is my pet peeve in most every story though. Overall it is still a good read.

(I received this book as a part of Tyndale's blog review program.)