Reasons why Skating with the Stars is a bad idea

As usual, all comments made are strictly my opinion...

  1. It's a shameless attempt of spinning off of Dancing with the Stars. (spinning pun intended)
  2. FOX already did it several years ago as a rip off and no one cared. All I remember is Bruce Jenner was on it and it was bad.
  3. If you though there were no name stars on Dancing the past couple of years, Skating has a more pathetic assortment.
  4. If you thought people looked like klutzes the first couple of weeks on Dancing, just wait until these people get on ice.
  5. Now that I think about it, I think that I saw another take of Skating with the Stars on another network, and it didn't take off either.
  6. It might have done better at the first of the year leading into the Winter Olympics, but I'm not a marketing genius or anything...
  7. They are announcing the professional skaters after the stars... admitting that the professionals are a bigger draw than the stars.
Surely, there will be old episodes of NCIS or something on the night this comes on so I won't have any temptation whatsoever to watch.