The Queen of Good Intentions?

You know what my problem is? Everyone of you reading this probably has a different that pops into your mind. I'm thinking of about 15 right now including my internet running so sluggish that it's driving me crazy and the fact that I went to see the local performance of "Hello Dolly" tonight and the incessant theme song will not stop running in my head. And I thought "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland was bad.

My problem is that I had a long list of things I intended to get done today and I accomplished about 5% of that list, maybe less. Well, at least I did accomplish the most important thing on my list - buying toilet paper.

On a daily basis, I accomplish so much less than I ever intend. I think my intentions are completely unrealistic. For example, there was no way that today I was going to be able to sleep until noon (I did roll out of bed at 10:15), run by CVS and pick up some pictures (I did do that but they printed bad and I need to go take it up with the photo manager tomorrow), pick up some things at Wal-Mart, do some work stuff that really needed to be done since I'm going to be behind taking off a day next week (I did do the most important thing, then just decided the rest really could wait until Monday), do two scrapbook projects (one I need to have done by Wednesday if I want it for free from Shutterfly - I haven't gotten beyond logging in), including finding some old photos (I ended up spending 2 hours semi-organizing a huge pile of photos in storage bin), and do 4 book reviews on my blog (those are still sitting on my coffee table).

I did, however, accomplish buying some dishes at Wal-Mart that I didn't really need (but were on sale) and spend more money than I intended of my paycheck that is "available" but technically not deposited into my account until Monday. I will take a picture of my table that will be set for no real purpose once I wash said new dishes. I'll give you one guess as to what color they are.

I did have dinner with Jenny and Ashley, followed by the "Hello Dolly" performance. In all actuality, that's probably what I needed to do most - have fun and not worry with my to-do list. I can't even sit on my couch and enjoy a TV show or read a book without thinking of everything I need to get done. When did I get this uptight?

One thing is for sure. There are only two things on my to-do list tomorrow. Church and a nap. I will get both of those done!