I could create the hottest blog on the web

I am trying to figure how to do a blog where I can post about the ridiculousness of some things that go on in life that you really can't talk about as yourself because of some random person that might catch wind of it and read it. This would be oh-so therapeutic.

I know most every blogger out there would like to do the same. I think we should make an anonymous blog society, have code names and anyone who wanted to make a post could become a contributor. We could do so anonymously and offer sympathy to one another as we share our hilarious or maddening stories. And you could change your name with each entry if you wanted to, just so that people might not figure out who you were. We could entertain the masses, and everyone could post a feed on their Facebook and we would become famous.

We should do this. I could start this. Who is with me? I'd have enough material for a week just from life's experiences of the past few days.

I'd start with the post, "I know what you are up to, just call me back and spill it."