I must have talent

I hate goal setting. I just do. In my mind, it's just a way to fall short and guage failure. They make me nervous - give me anxiety. I am sure I need to seek counseling for that.

However, by next year, I plan to figure out my talent.

This weekend, I have been catching up on America's Got Talent. I think this every year. Both the people that get sent to the next level and those who do not. Maybe I just have the good sense and intelligence to know I don't have talent.

Maybe it is just my critical nature, but I fail to find the talent in a pudgy little person with dwarfism and lots of tatoos doing a strip tease.

Or the 50-something man belly-flopping from 26 ft into a kiddie pool with 12 inches of water. That is stupidity. And he didn't look good in his lycra swimsuit that left zero to the imagination.

Nor the woman who went about Inserting darts into her body. That's just disgusting and sick. She must have been anemic since she didn't bleed.

Maybe I could do improv making fun of these people after they perform. But you would have to see this as you go to find it funny.

Even if I do find my talent, I likely won't try out. I can't handle the criticism or the attention. Why anyone would purposely submit themselves to being judged without actual, recognizeable talent, I will never know.