It doesn't make much sense,but..

Tonight after church, Jenny is coming over to watch the "special one hour episode" of Sister Wives that follows the season finale that aired two weeks ago. TLC's explanation of seasons make no since to me. I think they sometimes have three seasons a year. Combine them all and they make a normal TV season.

But that really is not what I was referring to in my title, I am getting to that.

Tonight's episode revolves around Kody and Robyn announcing her pregnancy. I don't know why, but this is where I get really ooged out. Makes no sense why now. Actually, I guess it is wife #4 that ooges me. They were a family unit for 17 years before taking this wife in. The others were all married before any kids came along.

I know. None of it makes sense.

There is sure to be drama. Meri expressing her angst at only being able to have one child. Christine doesn't seem to have liked Robyn or any recent situations in my opinion. I don't think Janelle cares too much - I think she could give or take her spot in the rotation - other than wanting to know how feeding another child fits in the budget.

Yet, I am eager to watch.