Warped priorities?

I am taking a quick break from what I am doing in order to post a quick blog since I am making sure I don't go blank three days in a row. A mandate on myself. An expectation for I am trying to live up to.

Evidently, my priorities are out of whack since I have not finished what I set out to do last night and today. I was working on something last night, and interrupted myself by posting something on Facebook that turned into quite the discussion. The selling of review copies of books. You can check out more of the discussion on Facebook, but it boils down to this. It is frowned upon to sell the review copies of the books you receive for free, especially when it is on Amazon where a publicist can track them back to you. I can go into that discussion more later if you really want to explore that topic.

I set out to get some stuff done today, but went bowling instead. Yes, that is completely random. It was part of Paige's pre-birthday celebration when Grandma and Pop. I am at the computer trying to complete other tasks since I did break for quality time with Paige and Peyton. Surely, that is what I should have done than my other responsibilities. But my hair smells like bowling alley, so I have had to pull it back far away from my nose.