All my angst against Branson has backfired on me. Now, no one wants to go with me so that I won't be a fifth wheel. I deserve that. I guess I just have to "suck it up."

Maybe I can take my office laptop with me (you never know when someone will call up needing something that I need to have access to) and catch up on all the book reviews I need to post, but have not because I AM NOT going to bunch of shows.

Seriously - I have some from last October I never posted on and have the list in front of my computer listing them. By the time I get through working, I don't have the desire to make many posts, especially any that might take some kind of thought. But, I need to try. I promised a publisher a couple of reviews if they sent me books. And I have two that I need to post on. I'm not better than the people I sent reminders to today.

I'm not wanting to do them now because I would rather arrange books on my new bookshelf, read a book, or work on a new Shutterfly project since I have an offer for a free small book that expires Wednesday. Hmmm... which first?