Random Sunday night thoughts

I miss the girls' fish. I think they will come back to me tomorrow or Tuesday when the girls go back to Brian's house. I miss checking to make sure they are alive and in just a week, got used to their bowls being there.

The reason I don't pay membership to singles sites is because I just got a notification that I had an email on one of them. I couldn't access it because I'm not a paid member, but that's ok... I really don't want to know what that 55 year old guy had to say to me anyway. I can get plenty of stalkerish, bad grammar, not reallly interested, SPAM emails from guys on Facebook anyway.

I wish I had another day of weekend. I had to finish off some things yesterday and didn't get to have the whole day to relax. I still have some stuff I wanted to do that I didn't get to this weekend.

I really don't see how all my books fit on two bookshelves, because by spreading them out a little, they now take up most of three now that I got a new one.

With school starting tomorrow around here, I sure am glad that I'm no longer a student. (Or a 4th grade teacher for that matter...) My boss has decided to start school this semester for a Master's degree. I think that's admirable, but am thankful that is not me. Among other things, I don't want any more work I have to do coupled with assigned deadlines and the need to study. I still have nightmares about forgetting about a class I was registered for and missing it for weeks. It's really odd. I don't know why I have that dream - it never happened in real life (I still have the 4th grade teaching dreams too).

While I am typing this, I'm listening to a program about obsessive collections. The woman featured keeps 3 Christmas trees up year round to display shoe ornaments. I have a bunch of mugs, but someone call for an intervention if I ever get that bad.