Floppy Jr.

I sometimes find my self in unique situations.

Friday at work, my phone bleeped the somewhat annoying text message chime. (I really think I might change that sound). I open the text to see a picture taken through a fish bowl at a fish an enlarge headed Peyton and a warped Paige in the background.

I text back "that's a crazy picture."

A few minutes later, my phone rings, but I had just dialed my office phone and had to ignore the call. I called back to Paige answering.

The following is not a commentary on anything except a funny conversation.


"Hey, sorry I missed your call, I was calling someone on the phone."

"That's ok. Well Peyton told Momma she wanted a fish, so she talked Momma into getting us fish."

"She did?" (Peyton is hard to resist, but...)


At this moment, I just felt compelled to ask a question.

"Well, who is going to feed them while your mom is out of town?" (Their mom is a flight attendant, so is away a lot.)

"Uh, maybe you."

"Uh, ok. Uh where are the fish going to stay?"

"In their bowl, I guess."

She had me there. "Where is their bowl going to stay?"

"It's ok, we can ask Courtney if you can't do it..."

"I"m not saying that, I'm just asking, at you mom's house, at my office, at my house..."

"At your house maybe."

"Ok. But you have to clean the bowl."

"I know, that's part of the deal. Thank you! Thank you. Thank you. You are the best. We love you!"

"Love you too!"

That is how Floppy Jr and Princess came to live with me. I sure hope the noise I heard earlier was in the sink, or they are the loudest fish I have ever heard.

Honestly, I am thinking they need a bigger bowl. They are pretty big goldfish to share a small bowl.

When I told Dad that I was becoming the custodial aunt to fish, he said, "now what are you going to do when you go on vacation?"

"Uh, Dad, that's two months away and these are fish."

"Oh yeah, you have a point." I usually do.

Thank goodness Peyton didn't talk her mom into anything with feathers or fur. That would have had to have been a no.