I was all set to blog on #thebachelorette

Tonight, I was in the mindset to finish work, put a coat of paint on a project, fix dinner and eat so that I can blog on The Bachelorette. At 6:55, I was thinking, "UGH. Can I eat and blog at the same time?" Then, I remembered that Chris Harrison said, "in two weeks..."

Alas, no show to blog about tonight. I can read. I haven't read for fun in forever. I could color. That might be relaxing. I could start a new crochet project. I just finished a blanket I've worked on off and on for probably two years now.

I'll probably waste my time on my laptop or phone instead. And, I really need to do laundry, but was going to wait until my free nights of electricity kicked in.

Speaking of my latest crochet project, here's what I just finished.

It's slightly smaller than I would have made even for a lap blanket, but it used all the yarn I had of these colors to do what I did with edging.

Now that I've finished this project I've been working on off/on for a while, it's time to get back to winter projects... hats, maybe even Christmas stockings this year.

You don't want to know what Dad has been working on. Let's just say you have to start early!

And I may have called Hobby Lobby on Saturday to see if they had gotten the craft supplies for a certain holiday out yet. The magic day is today, by the way. If you aren't ready for that December holiday, don't go!