Sorry my #bachelorette post was delayed

This week, instead of live blogging on The Bachelorette from my hotel room in Cincinnati, I went watch the Cubs beat the Reds.

So, this post for Monday is now actually being written on Thursday night. It's 9 PM, and I'm tired, but hoping I can get through the two hours to make my post. If I can stick it out, I think there will be some significant cuts. I already want a nap, and I just started. It has nothing to do with the show though.

We open up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. JoJo feels that traveling together brings you closer together. JoJo has a sit down conversation with Chris Harrison about how it's going. Robby saying that he loved her was a big deal for her. She is worried about falling in love with two people like Ben did.

There are now 8 guys left, and Luke can't think of a better place to fall in love than Buenos Aires, of course. Harrison breaks the week down for the men as they stand out in a public square, complete with a fountain. There will be three dates: a one-on-one, a group date, and for the first time ever, a second two-on-one.

The guys make it to their suite. It's a little too fancy for these guys, let me tell you. But of course, now that they are in the suite, the first date card arrives. Will Wells get a one-on-one since he hasn't yet?

"Wells, Besame... Besame, Muchacho, < 3 JoJo"

Kiss me. Kiss me boy. Wells fesses up to the group that he thinks he is the one guy there that has not kissed JoJo. The men didn't realize this. They wonder if how well this is going to go off. Robby doesn't see how that's happened. Alex says that JoJo had to write a note demanding a kiss to get him going.

When JoJo arrives, the guys ask if she is going to kiss him. Talk about an awkward moment. Wells, a bundle of nerves, heads off on the date as the guys back in the room wonder how he's going to handle it.

At a market, Wells buys her a piece of locally made jewelry. She gives plenty of opportunity to sneak in a kiss, but it doesn't happen. He does evidently like to shop as he keeps stopping to look as she leads him around.

The go to a theater where they look up and it's like the bottom of a pool evidently. They look up to see women swimming. In the theater, there's the perfect moment for a kiss, but nothing. The swimming was distracting for him. JoJo confirms he's the only one she hasn't kissed.

They do various stunt exercises, then there is an extremely awkward cheek kiss. So bad.

The guys are still talking about Wells and his lack of lip action. They think he's going home. 

On the date, Wells and JoJo play around in the shallow suspended pool. It's dark, it's romantic, they are sliding all over, and JoJo keeps waiting. Finally, Wells makes his move. They have their moment.

Later that night, they go to this old mansion to have "dinner" aka most boring dinner ever. He came into this whole thing skeptical, and it wasn't until today he figured out that this might actually be a "viable" relationship.

JoJo asks him about his previous relationship(s). He gets hot and has to take off his jacket. The last relationship was four years total, but ended when he decided it was like they were just best friends living together.

The next date card arrives..."Luke, Robby, Jordan, James, Alex... Living la vida Boca." That leaves Chase and Derek for the two-on-one. That must mean she has her doubts about both. 

Back to Wells. JoJo asks what he's looking for in a soul mate. He doesn't really answer that, but talks about how the love or a certain attraction always goes away. JoJo thinks he's too skeptical. She isn't so sure she wants to take the time at this point to break through his walls.

JoJo picks up the rose. She tells him she wanted to see if they could get further in the relationship. While she really respects him as a great guy, but she just can't hand over the rose to him. With a hug, he is sent on his way. The kiss changed things for him, but it was just too little too late. She walks him out to his ride so he can shake his head and mumble in shame. And the designated crew member walks in and takes off suitcase.

She has to watch the full performance of the show they were supposed to see together all by herself.

The next day, the men go out to the Boca district to experience all of Buenos Aires. James is trying hard to not be the total outcast of the group. He's the more awkward of the bunch. He's not Mr. Hot and Sexy or athletic. 

The locals encourage the guys to have a kick off to win a kiss. Of all the men to win, it was actually James. Later that night, the fight will be on for the rose. I bet James gets the rose because it's his voice whining the whole time we hear.

The first glimpse of a private conversation we see is her with Luke. She wants to know what is on Luke's mind. He doesn't say much of anything interesting. As JoJo says, they have the physical thing down. Yeah, I was afraid of how far it was going to go on a park bench.

Back at the room, the last date card arrives. "Derek and Chase... It takes two... JoJo" Chase tells Derek he wishes it wasn't him. Derek's reaction, or lack thereof, then rubs Chase the wrong way.

When James gets his time with JoJo, she thinks he's a little off. He uses his prime time opportunity to tell her there's a side of Jordan that rubbing him the wrong way. This then sounds so petty. They were playing cards and whatever game they were playing was dictated by Jordan. Things should go his way because he is Jordan. He is a celebrity. JoJo thanks him for telling her this. He then asks permission to kiss her. JoJo finds James sweet and kind and protective.

After this, she wants to dig deeper in with Jordan to see if there is a side she doesn't know. James watches them walk off with a grimace or maybe it's just best described as disdain. JoJo wants to be open and honest with Jordan. She groans and says it has come to her attention about an altercation between him and James. JoJo tells Jordan that James is sincere and she believes everything he says. She doesn't like to hear that Jordan is snotty and entitled.

Jordan tries to explain that they were playing poker and they had a disagreement over the rule about a kicker card. If I were live tweeting, I'd be making comments about how stupid that is was and cracking the sarcasm. What a dumb thing to argue about, then decide it needs to be brought up.

When Jordan comes back to the group of men, it's super quite until James asks how it went. Then it's more quiet as Jordan swirls his wine around. Robby and Alex asks why Jordan is acting so weird. (The chronology of the night is probably edited out of sequence given that Luke isn't around to comment.) Jordan then asks James how his conversation went and if his name came up. They then argue over the word entitlement.

After more awkward moments, JoJo comes back around to sit with everyone and hand out a rose. She was excited for this day, but knew it was serious to in order to figure out her relationships. It's a hard rose for her to give out. She wants to give the rose to someone who makes her feel good, special and excited about the future. JoJo gives the rose to Luke. The rest of the men don't hide disappointment well.

Jordan wonders if Jams has totally blown it for him.

The next morning, Chase and Derek are more dressed up than usual for a date. Derek thinks this is a no-brainer. For him, it's a one-on-one.

All of sudden, I don't like Derek. But anyway, she takes the men to have a tango lesson. They actually get a demo of a three person tango. This is going to turn ugly. They are both starting to feel more possessive. Both me do, however, make it to dinner time.

JoJo wants to talk to Derek first. Derek thinks tonight he needs to reveal that he loves her. JoJo explains that at first she was really attracted, then he kind of fell back. She's trying to figure out where they stand. He stumbles over it, but tells JoJo that he is falling for her. He's hoping the kiss coupled with saying he was falling for her will keep him there.

JoJo then takes Chase off. She asks what's on his mind. He says it's scary since he's starting to feel things for her. JoJo tells Chase that when she told him that she started feeling all these things for him last week, she didn't feel she was getting anything from him. She wants to know how Chase feels, but he didn't realize there was a problem. JoJo accuses him of being scared. She tells him she made the mistake of not being completely open and honest about how she was feeling burned her last season. They do, however, kiss and make-up.

It's time for a rose. She could see a future with either. She compliments each as she swirls the rose around. She asks Chase to accept the rose. I think I'm shocked. I'm too tired to know for sure.

JoJo walks Derek out to his car which is awaiting. She cries as she watches him drive off. Chase is comes out to find her and the two go back in to dance to a string quartet and Soledad Pastorutti serenading them with "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina." Meanwhile Derek is ugly crying in his car. (He may actually have been the most attractive guy on he show, in my opinion.)

And then there were 6...

Going into the cocktail party, the men know there are three roses and four men left looking for one. This party is important for her.

Jordan takes her off talk and get back in good graces. He says he wants to be engaged at the end of this. He earns points for talking about his feelings.

Chase and Luke ask Alex how he feels. He hasn't gotten a one-on-one. He hasn't gotten a group date rose. (He HAS gotten a two-on-one rose...) He also tells all this to JoJo when she asks him about seeming unhappy after the group date.

When it's time to talk with James, he feels like he gets back in her sights again.

When Chris Harrison comes in, she explains she has some big decisions to make about where to go
from here. Alright. Who is staying alongside Luke and Chase? Three roses, but all the teases are that she doesn't want to give out the last rose.

I think Alex and someone are going to go.

  1. Robby
  2. Jordan
While holding the last rose, she stands there for a while, then turns and walks away. She finds Chris and tells him she is sick to her stomach. She doesn't want to give the rose out. She hands the rose to Chris and goes back in to the men. 

She tells James and Alex she could not hand out the final rose. Instead Chris brings in two roses and she gives one to each, starting with Alex. She apologizes for it being stressful, but she needed to keep everyone another week. Alex is confused. He can't imagine she'd feel the same for James. He thinks the last two roses were pity roses.

And, that's where we end for the week. As sleepy as I am, it's a miracle I forced myself awake to finish this. No telling what typos you will find.