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To go along with the custom order I posted a few days ago, I also did this one. Hand lettering and drawing everything has its disadvantages. I don't use vinyl decals and such like some other people do.

That's why it took me too long to work out this project. Instead of working on it at night, I used the excuse that I needed to not do it late when I was tired because I needed everything to look consistent. I joked that I wasn't going to post this one because I may get a flood of orders. 

Honestly, I don't love printing on signs. Script is more forgiving. Part of it is a funky camera angle here, but I notice how crooked some of the logos look here. I'm always such a harsh judge of my own work. 

It did turn out a neat project though. This doesn't have the hooks attached between the slat yet, but it's line up with close to the right spacing. 

I have some new canvas projects in mind. Stay tuned for those!