It was supposed to take a little longer than that

Because we have sworn off turkey leg and dog events, we don't have a lot of options for events to do in the spring. However, we're actually going to do two events on one weekend at the end of April. This shall be interesting because we've never done that before. There's some logistics which will make it interesting, but we shall see.

Since we have taken a good bit of stock out to Virgil & Maudie's after a busy fall, we're a bit short on spring stock. I keep buying books on eBay, as you have seen in previous posts, but I run through them quickly. Maybe this coming weekend I can finish some bookkeeping and inventory items and tell you how many books we sold in 2016. Hundreds. One of our big tasks to start with is to have enough books cut to have stock out at the shop, but to also have enough to split between two events. By "enough stock," that also means I need to have Q and Z. We'll actually take every letter because I seriously think U is the only letter we've not been at least asked about. (I have sold a Q and if I had Q and Z at other times, I could have sold them then.)

Dad has been antsy for me to trace off letters for him to cut. So antsy, to keep the peace, I spent 2 1/2 hours starting at 10 PM Monday night tracing off 106 books for him to cut. This was after I gave 15 or more books between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning to cut.

I called Dad on Tuesday morning to let him know I had boxes ready for him whenever. Keep in mind, I know we don't have to have all of these done for three months. We could pull from as needed for the shop, but we really don't need them all for THREE MONTHS. So help me, at the rate he is going, Dad is going to have them done in THREE DAYS.

This is problematic because I don't know how to keep him occupied beyond that. I knew he wouldn't spread them out that much, but I thought it would take  a little while longer. He insists circles need to be made for sports balls, which to an extent they do. (I still have quite a few, but we have to have enough to share.) However, those take him no time, even if he has to do base coats. I have some things I need to and want to do before lettering all of those. I'm not ready to start with the "Be the one everyone wants to watch, but no one wants to play against. I've enjoyed the break.

However, there's no rest for the weary, as they say.