The project I may never get done

I have to be honest. I have a special order (actually two) that I have been putting off because I know how tedious it's going to be to hand draw out and letter everything... in print. I hate printing.

Here's a sneak preview...

I had to come upstairs to bring out a couple of things I have to trace off, then need to get back and work on more of it. 

I also should have started earlier in the day. But Dad and I moved a couch from my studio to Virgil & Maudie's. Then we had to take the trailer back to my uncle's where it stays in between trips. After that, we went to an estate sale. When I got home, I had to organize all my two hundred or so books (because I had to move a bunch of them to get the couch out, then stack the 94 I got this week). Then I decided I needed a few things I forgot at the grocery store which is a sure sign I am trying to avoid something. 

I rarely pencil anything out, but penciled out the "Home is where..." and still goofed the spacing between words when I painted it.