My Hope is Built on Nothing Less

The kids moving up to fourth grade moved out, but a new crop of second graders came in this week! We're going to see if we can make it a go of a new video every week. We're going to try!

They have all already been informed that misbehaving leads to a thump in the head (#fearthethump), and at some point they will each have a nickname because that's what I do. Yet, only I can give a nickname and only I can thump anyone.

I found it pretty funny when the dads brought the kids in. Two of them seemed to be trying not to laugh in a, "Oh boy, my kid doesn't know what they are in for!" kind of way. One of the moms stopped by and asked her son if he was ready for me. (It's ok though. I only have them one Sunday morning and two Wednesday nights per month.) It appears I have a reputation.

It also appears that I am old because that mom was in the youth group when I chaperoned all the time when I was right out of college.

Back to the video of the week, if we are picking out songs like this the first week, we shouldn't have a big problem.