I'm more of a recluse and boring person that I thought

For the life of me, I can't think of anything to blog. I have decided that I've become a recluse too.

Wednesday, I thought about blogging about what a lonely day it was. Christi was sick 3 out of 4 work days, so officially I was downstairs at the office by myself. At times Nancy was working on mailings, but she was in and out. Jenny was supposed to meet me for lunch, but she had insomnia and overslept, so I ate my cheap enchiladas in solitude. That was really pretty lonely.

I'm working on some stuff for VBS which starts on Sunday. Admittedly, I'm just not into it this year. Since we are making up our own material this year, I dragged all the leftovers out of the craft closet, and we are having craft room leftovers. I spent $100 (a fraction of years past) on crafts this year to fill in and go with something else I had. And, I've put less effort into it than I have in years.

I just thought of something, and then forgot it. I've had brain overload for a period of time, so now, my brain seems to not function at all. I know my shoulder and neck hurts from napping on my chaise and holding my arm wrong. See how boring I've become?

Maybe I'll come up with something exciting for tomorrow. In the meantime, I have to get back to cutting the eyes out smoother on these cow masks that have been in the closet for a few years. The theme is Jesus, and he was born in a stable, so I'm tying these farm animal masks that I had left to that. (Maybe it's not an insult to ask someone if they were born in a barn.) I can tie lots of things to Jesus when it comes to reusing stuff. The night we are doing Mary and Martha, I'm using the leftover Model Magic for the kids to make what they thought Martha would make Jesus to eat. That should be funny. Spaghetti? Pizza? Hamburgers? That should be a blast. I'll have to remember to take pictures.

I better find something more exciting than working on my scrapbook for tomorrow.